Mini Pan Bread Pizzas

Little cute pizza pan breads with a gluten, dairy, egg and nut free base. For toppings I used some tomato puree and melted mozzarella but you could add ham and pineapple, little mini pepperonis, some roasted veggies or switch the sauce up with a pesto. You can eat them cold or give them a little heat in the microwave or a hot pan.

Peanut Butter Satay “Noodles”

You could of course use actual noodles, but as a lot of us stocked up on pasta I figured I’d put some of my wholegrain spelt spaghetti to alternative use! It actually works just perfectly as a noodle and most people have spaghetti in one form or another in the press at all times!

The sauce has a little “surprise” ingredient… flaxseed! It thickens it up a little bit, making it go a little further and also providing an extra boost of fibre should you not be so lucky as to have whole grain pasta at your fingertips!

Lentil Walnut Bolognese

There are a whole host of different lentil bolognese recipes out there but I bet you won’t have come across one that includes milled flaxseed in it! The flaxseed not only provides an Omega 3 rich boost, I personally like to include it daily in my diet as it has been shown to potentially help with the balancing of women’s hormones as well as thickening up this sauce beautifully and making it a little more “meaty”. 


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