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benefits of flaxseed for children

The benefits of flaxseed for children

With its great protein power and high sources of fibre, it’s easy to see why flaxseeds are becoming increasingly popular with adults looking to keep healthy.For someone who has never tried flaxseeds before and is keen to add them to their diet, one question always seems to appear – how do you eat flaxseeds?  Flaxseed can be added to almost any food so take it at breakfast with porridge, add to your salad at lunch or mix into your soup for dinner to get that extra nutritional boost during the day.

Another question that we are often asked by customers is “can my child eat flaxseed”?  This seems to be a common concern among parents with many parents looking to introduce the power of flaxseeds to their child’s diet but seemingly worried about the risks of doing so.  Adults and children can both benefit from the nutritional power of flaxseeds.  In the case of children it is a case of managing the daily intake of the seeds much in the same way you would monitor other areas of their diet.

Benefits of adding flaxseeds to your child’s diet.

1. Boost immunity:

Flaxseed is one of nature’s richest plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and in particular the alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which the body uses to contribute to normal blood cholesterol levels.  The ALA created by the body from Omega 3 fatty acids works alongside lignans to affect the white blood cells that help the immune system, helping your body to fight of disease.  Adding flaxseed to your child’s diet can help strengthen and develop their bodies immune defence system.

2. Muscle and bone development:

Flaxseed is a great source of protein and this can be a great contributor to the development and maintenance of muscles and normal bones.  As well as this, protein helps repair tissues and cells, which is good news for all those bumps and bruises kids tend to get growing up.

3. Reduce fatigue:

A big challenge for children can be keeping their body and mind fuelled throughout the day.  This can become difficult when they are at school and you have no control over whether or not they eat their school lunch.  Sweets and fizzy juice are extremely popular among children and can give them a quick energy spike before a lull.  Adding flaxseed to their diet can help reduce the effect of tiredness and fatigue by carrying oxygen around their body.  It can also help to keep them full and alert for longer by slowly releasing energy through protein.

One of the big benefits to including flaxseed in your child’s diet is the great benefits of Omega 3.  Our bodies cannot make Omega 3 but it is essential that we get these fatty acids as our bodies need them.  While fish can be a high source of Omega 3, it can sometimes be difficult to make children eat the right fish.  Milled organic flaxseed is a great way to get the Omega 3 essentials into your child’s diet by incorporating it into their meals on a daily basis.

Flaxseed recipes to try out with your kids

We’ve looked at the benefits of including flaxseed in your child’s diet, so now let’s look at some ways to get them eating these super seeds.  A great way to encourage children to eat any food is to get them involved in the cooking process.  Let them help you in the kitchen and educate them at a young age to the benefits of eating healthy food.

1. Breakfast muffins:

Breakfast muffins can be a nice treat for your child first thing in the morning, but they can also be a great way to provide their wee bodies with slow releasing energy.  Let them get involved in the baking process with you and they’ll soon want to taste the result of their hard work.  Add some dried fruit like apricots or berries or grate some carrot into your mix for some additional nutritional benefits.  For a recipe guide and video to creating our Linwoods breakfast muffins click here.

2. Smoothies or milkshake:

Let’s face it; we’re all kids at heart.  Join your kids and grab a straw and enjoy a wonderful fruity smoothie or milkshake.  Again, let your children help you create the smoothie by letting them add the fruit and even add the seeds.  Mix it all together and enjoy.  The addition of milk or natural yoghurt will also provide them with calcium which is so important in growing kids.

3. A wholesome winter stew:

Sometimes there’s nothing better at this time of year than a nice, hearty winter stew.  Stew is a tasty way to ensure your child gets a daily dose of vegetables into their diet.  Add flaxseed just before you serve and mix it.  You’ll get all the additional goodness from the seeds and your kids won’t even know it’s there.

The versatility of flaxseed means you can add it to almost any food.  Check out our recipes page to see some other great recipes that you can add flaxseed to and enjoy with your kids.  The flapjacks, pancakes and ice cream & crumble are particularly popular with kids.  It’s easy to see why.

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  1. I have commented before about my liking Linwood’s flaxseed.  Now that I have had the time to explore your website I am fascinated by your keenness to investigate ‘food crazes’.  I certainly believe there are things out there that can knock spots off conventional ‘treatments’.

    Linwoods has a great website and demonstrates a commitment to connecting with customers.

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