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4 Great Flaxseed Benefits For Men And Their Health

Flaxseed benefits for men is a hot topic of discussion at the moment. Here, Nutritionist Jane McClenaghan from Vital Health talks us through the potential flaxseed benefits for men, how it can effect health and why you should add it to your daily diet. Flaxseed is packed with nutrients that…

Easy Nutty Seed Bread Recipe For Menopause | 10 Minute Prep

Nutty Seed Bread | Recipe for Menopause This Nutty Seed bread is an easy and delicious recipe to help support menopausal symptoms. This recipe is high in Vitamin B6, Omega 3, Fibre and contains Lignans which are naturally occurring phytoestrogens found in flaxseed which mimic the role of oestrogen. Preparation…

Immune Supporting Superfood Porridge

Give your immune system some extra support in the morning with a warming bowl of Superfood Porridge which includes superfoods such as berries and Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Bio Cultures & Vitamin D. Immune Supporting Superfood Porridge   Preparation Time – 5 minutes Cooking Time – 5 minutes Servings – 2…

Milled Flaxseed vs Whole Flaxseed – Which is Best for You?

We often talk about the great benefits of having flaxseed in your diet but did you know that it is also an extremely versatile ingredient and can be consumed in three ways – milled (or ground), whole faxseed or as flaxseed oil.  This often results in the following question – what is the best way to eat flaxseed?  Well, when it comes to eating flaxseed, most people will opt for a milled or whole form of the seed, as the oil (also known as linseed oil) is best used in cooking in place of oils like sunflower and olive oil.  So with this in mind, we thought we would take a look at the differences in milled flaxseed and whole flax seed.

Best 10 Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

Nutritionist Jane McClenaghan shares the best 10 healthy foods to eat every day and add to your meals to make them healthier. Best 10 Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day It’s January, when most people cut back a little after the richness of Christmas in a bid to be a healthier, slimmer,…

Christmas Juice for a Bloated Stomach

Try this nutritious and festive juice for a bloated stomach if your tummy needs some extra care from the heavy and sugary foods we can easily overindulge in around Christmas time. Not only does this juice taste like Christmas from the spices of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric but it contains…

Warm Apple Cinnamon Porridge

This Apple Cinnamon Porridge tastes like Christmas in a bowl filled with warms spices and sweet apple. We’ve also added our most festive blend, Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Chia seed, Apple and Cinnamon blend, to strengthen the sweet flavour and to add omega 3, protein and fibre to this scrumptious breakfast.  Warm…

Christmas Muffins | Goji Berry

Make these Christmas Muffins in preparation for Christmas Day for the whole family. They make a healthy breakfast treat with sweet berry flavours, plus this recipe is suitable for vegan diets from mixing Linwoods Flaxseed and Goji Berries blend with water.   Christmas Muffins | Goji Berry Preparation Time –…

Christmas Smoothie Bowl | Frosted Berry

Add a splash of colour and festiveness to your morning with this Christmas Smoothie Bowl. A delicious breakfast of frosted berry goodness which includes Linwoods Flaxseed, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries for a natural addition of omega 3, protein and fibre.  Christmas Smoothie Bowl | Frosted Berry Preparation…

Managing Menopause Through Your Diet

Nutritionist Rachel Graham offers her advice on how to naturally manage symptoms of menopause through diet and nutrition. Managing Menopause Through Your Diet As women, we are aware, that the transition to menopause can be a bumpy one and many women are quite rightly focused on the more overwhelming symptoms…


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