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4 Benefits of eating seeds when training and working out

Whether you’re a full time athlete or simply enjoy (or even don’t enjoy) working out and training on a regular basis, be sure to add some seeds to your routine in 2014.  Seeds are continuing to grow in popularity with chia seeds and flax seed becoming particularly popular among athletes.  Seeds (and nuts) can be a great alternative to your normal snack this year, so rather than reaching for a packet of crisps or bar of chocolate to get a quick energy boost, add some seeds to a natural yoghurt and enjoys the great benefits of seeds to your body.  

Why protein is good for you when exercising

Many of us do not get enough physical activity on a weekly basis.  Whether it’s due to the darker nights and colder weather, your job or looking after the kids, it’s often easier to find excuses not to train than it is to find reasons to get started. Linwoods shelled hemp seeds are a great source of protein & also provide your body with iron and magnesium which also helps to aid your recovery from exercising. 

5 Benefits of Vitamin D for your body

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for your body and provides many benefits to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The main source of vitamin D to the human body is natural sunlight and in the UK, this is something we see less and less off over the Winter months.  One way of ensuring your body gets the right levels of vitamin D not only during the Winter months but also throughout the year is by eating food that provides it.


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