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Digestive Health: The Incredible Role of Chia Seeds and Flaxseeds | 4 Tips

Digestive Health: The Role of Chia Seeds and Flaxseeds in Digestive Health At Linwoods Health Foods, we believe that good digestive health is essential for overall well-being. Our digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food we eat into nutrients that our bodies can use for energy, growth, and…

Discover the Top 6 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Here are 6 incredible health benefits of chia seeds and why you should include them into your daily diet. Chia seeds may be small in size but they are packed full of nutrients and provide various health benefits. Not to mention, they are also gluten-free and suitable for vegan diets. What…

Advice for eating chia seeds when pregnant

Diet and pregnancy concerns go hand in hand – wanting to ensure you are doing the best for your baby and your body become your number one priority and so getting the right information about the right foods is imperative. Chia seeds are among the healthiest types of seeds you can introduce to your diet on a daily basis and in today’s blog we take a look at the benefits of using these seeds during pregnancy.


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