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4 Great Flaxseed Benefits For Men’s Health

Flaxseed benefits for men is a hot topic of discussion at the moment. Here, Nutritionist Jane McClenaghan from Vital Health talks us through the potential flaxseed benefits for men, how it can effect health and why you should add it to your daily diet.

Flaxseed is packed with nutrients that could have widespread benefits for men’s health. Packed with fibre, plant-based omega-3 fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, flaxseed has the potential to support prostate health, cardiovascular function, digestive health and may even help with weight loss.

Of course, there is no magic bullet for men’s health, not one superfood that will totally transform your diet, but when added to other healthy habits, a daily dose of flaxseed is a simple way to get more fibre, extra omega 3 fats and a hefty hit of vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Flaxseed Benefits For Men

  1. Prostate health

It is thought that a group of plant-based hormone balancing ingredients (also known as phytoestrogens) may have a hormone balancing effect on testosterone in men. Flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens called Lignans, and some research shows that adding flaxseed to the diet could be protective for prostate health.

It appears that phytoestrogen-rich foods, such as soy and flaxseeds, may offer prostate cancer-protective effects. Although not conclusive, it appears that flaxseed may help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and its progression.

men's health

  1. Cardiovascular support

Flaxseeds are packed with nutrients that have the potential to help reduce cardiovascular risk factors such as triglycerides, cholesterol balance and blood pressure.

The balance of omega 3 fats (alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)), fibre, lignins and antioxidants all combine to have this powerful effect. The benefits from flaxseed are gained by eating the seeds, rather than flax seed oil, so opt for milled flaxseed to reap the cardioprotective benefits of this little seed for men’s health.

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  1. Digestion

Although constipation may not be a topic to discuss in polite conversation, it can be a big problem, and not just because of its effects on your digestion. Being constipated means your body is not clearing toxins, that can end up back in circulation, affecting your energy, mood and even hormone balance.

Flaxseeds have been shown to be a really useful addition our daily diet to help relieve constipation and keep you regular.

Flaxseed fibre also has benefits as a prebiotic, allowing your friendly probiotic bacteria to thrive in your microbiome.

Add 20g a day onto your breakfast, into yoghurts or even on top of your favourite curry, make sure you drink enough water and watch that digestive system get moving!

Start slowly and build up gradually if you have IBS, or are not used to a higher fibre diet though, because adding a whole lot of flax seed fibre in one go can be a little difficult to digest and could make you more gassy and windy if your body is not used to it.

flaxseed benefits for men

  1. Weight loss

Imagine a food that helped you to feel fuller for longer, had the potential to reduce insulin resistance and could help in a bid to lose weight. Flaxseeds could be the answer you are looking for.

A great source of fibre, very low Gi, packed with protein and healthy fats, all of which help to regulate appetite and manage a healthy blood sugar-insulin response, which is essential for anyone wanting to shed a few pounds and better men’s health.

Fibre, fat and protein will help you to feel fuller for longer, so it is great added to breakfast to help keep you going right through to lunchtime. The less we can snack between meals, the better it is for our waistline.


By Linwoods Health Foods

Flaxseed benefits for men include a number of areas such as weight loss and helping with digestion. They contain phytoestrogens called Lignans, which may balance testosterone and promote prostate health. Research suggests that including flaxseeds in the diet could potentially protect against prostate cancer.

Additionally, other flaxseed benefits for men include that the nutrients in flaxseeds can lower cardiovascular risk factors like triglycerides and cholesterol. Consuming milled flaxseeds is recommended for these benefits. Flaxseeds are also beneficial for digestion, relieving constipation, and promoting a healthy microbiome. However, it’s advised to start slowly, especially for those with IBS or not accustomed to high-fiber diets. Moreover, flaxseeds aid in weight loss by promoting satiety, regulating blood sugar, and reducing insulin resistance. Adding flaxseeds to breakfast can help control appetite and minimize snacking between meals. If you enjoyed our article about flaxseed benefits for men, be sure to check out our other articles from Jane McClenaghan


About The Author

Jane McClenaghan is here offering her knowledge on Flaxseed benefits for men, is Northern Ireland’s most recognised nutritionist with over 20 year’s experience. Her company Vital Nutrition specialises in developing and delivering group sessions for corporate and community clients both online and in-person as well as running an online membership club and offering one-to-one consultations.

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Jane’s knowledge in the subject area of health and wellbeing is unrivalled as indicated by her qualifications, reputation and experience. Here Jane talks about Flaxseed benefits for men.

Jane’s sessions cover a range of health and wellbeing topics from mental health to stress, female and male health, healthy eating on a budget, heart health, sleep, family wellbeing and much more.
Jane is also the author of two books on nutrition, she writes a weekly column in the Irish News, has a monthly slot on radio U105 and is a regular contributor to the BBC, The Belfast Telegraph and many other media outlets.

You can find out more and get in touch with Vital Nutrition here;

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