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Feeding your Gut Bugs

How Digestive Health Starts with Feeding your Gut Bugs

Nutritionist Rachel Graham reveals why ‘feeding your gut bugs’ is the key to digestive health

Feeding your Gut Bugs

Gut Health is a really hot topic.

It is such a new and interesting field of research, with discoveries & advances being made all the time!

In fact, there is so much emerging new research, it’s as if scientists have discovered a brand new organ in the body! Essentially, they have, because, as the evidence unfolds, we are discovering more & more how our gut bugs can positively impact not just our digestive health, but our overall health and well being.

Let’s talk about our Gut Microbiome

What is it?

“micro” = means small and “biome” = means a habitat of living things.

Our Gut Microbiome plays a significant role in nearly every function of the human body & its importance cannot be underestimated

Feeding your Gut Bugs

Your Gut-Microbiome is Not Very Glamorous!

Let’s face it, this is a dark and fairly dank place. It’s home to trillions of bacteria, yeasts, viruses & microbes, all co-existing but also competing with each other, for both space & food.


What Influences Our Gut Microbiome?

We shape our own microbiome throughout our lifetime – mainly through our dietary choices & our environment but also in the following ways:

  1. Medications – our use of prescription drugs & antibiotics
  2. Environment – the diversity of bacteria we’re exposed to on a daily basis
  3. Stress – the level of stress in our lives
  4. Exercise – a sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect
  5. Sleep – poor sleep quality can compromise it also

Poor Gut Health – What Are The Consequences?

Poor gut health can contribute to many diverse health conditions including:.

  • Dementia
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • as well as autoimmune diseases like Arthritis.

As women, our health, our fertility and our longevity are all heavily reliant on the balance of bugs living within our gut.

What’s the Goal?

The goal is to have a broad & diverse microbiome, with as many strains of beneficial bacteria as possible. Ideally, the beneficial bacteria should account for around 85% of the bacteria in our Microbiome.

There will always be harmful bacteria hanging around i.e. yeasts, parasites & viruses but as long as they aren’t in the majority, we’re alright!

Yes! Microbes can cause trouble!.. that trouble is called Dysbiosis – the medical term for an imbalance of gut bacteria – the bad guys dominating the good guys!

When this happens, the bad guys take over & start contributing to a variety of health issues and can even influence our eating behavior i.e. cravings for sugar & junk food…


What’s the Solution?

There are several factors that will contribute to improved Gut Health, but the one controllable factor that you can influence & that will get you results, is to include more Fibre in your diet – on a daily basis!

Fibre is the key food that will feed your beneficial gut bacteria & keep the balance tipped in your favour.

To maintain health, our recommended daily fibre intake is 30-35g per day. It is estimated that the average person only consumes between 15-19g per day – well short of the optimum amount.


Prebiotic Fibre

Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds are all equally fibre rich and great fibre choices, but what makes them special is that they also contain Prebiotic Fibre – a type of plant fibre that our bodies can’t digest.

This special prebiotic plant fibre, encourages the growth of gut friendly bacteria; which in turn contributes to maintaining a robust immune system.

Think of prebiotic fibre as the fertiliser to help your gut bacteria flourish & multiply.

When you don’t eat enough fibre, your gut friendly bacteria levels start to drop. (they are literally starved). This allows the harmful bacteria to dominate & flourish.

Feeding your Gut Bugs

What’s so extra about Hemp Seeds?

Linwoods Multiboost Organic Milled Hemp Seeds have multiple, additional, nutritional benefits apart from their prebiotic benefits – think high protein, essential fats etc…
A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology found that Hemp seeds are particularly beneficial for digestive health  – specifically for helping to relieve constipation.

The high amounts of both soluble & insoluble fibre in Linwoods Multiboost Organic Milled Hemp Seeds can aid elimination & relieve abdominal discomfort.

In addition, the prebiotic fibre in Linwoods Multiboost Organic Milled Hemp Seeds, enables your gut friendly bacteria to produce SCFA’s (short chain fatty acids – i.e. Butyrate) which have very powerful anti-inflammatory effects in the body – helping to reduce your risk of heart disease, reducing elevated cholesterol levels (triglycerides) as well as maintaining optimum digestive health.

Linwoods Multiboost Organic Milled Hemp Seeds have many other nutritional benefits too.. they are a rich source of key minerals i.e. iron, calcium & magnesium which are all central to women’s health & hormone balancing..

Linwoods Multiboost Organic Milled Hemp Seeds have a mild nutty flavour similar to walnuts & can be added to lots of recipes from smoothies, overnight oats, energy balls, bread & even curries!

Remember, increasing your prebiotic fibre intake is the simple, daily habit you can action, for maximum benefits.

With so much emphasis being placed on Protein these days, it’s time for fibre to receive the spotlight it deserves.

Look after your gut bugs with Linwoods Multiboost Organic Milled Hemp Seeds prebiotic fibre & they will look after you!

Feeding your Gut Bugs

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