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build your energy levels

3 ways hemp seeds help build your energy levels

What is hemp?

Hemp is a truly amazing plant that is grown for its seeds and fibre, and has many uses.  It is the wonderful health benefits of the hemp seed that has got many nutritionists and members of the public seeking this little bundle of joy.  It is this nutritional benefit that has made hemp seeds such a sought after food in recent years.  Hemp seeds can also help you provide your body with a great natural source of energy, mainly down to 3 properties contained within this super seed.  Let’s take a look at just why hemp seeds can be so good for providing our bodies with energy.

How do hemp seeds help provide energy to your body?

1. Hemp seeds are a great source of iron.

Hemp seeds provide your body with a great source of iron, and you can get 21% of your RDA of Iron from just 2 heaped dessert spoons (30g) of Linwoods Shelled Hemp.  Iron plays an important role in the body and is a key player in transforming oxygen to cells around your body.  This oxygen transport helps provide you with energy, especially as the day progresses.  Iron also contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells which help reduce tiredness and fatigue throughout the day.

2. Packed with protein to slowly release energy.

You can only get energy from carbohydrates and sugars? Right? Wrong!!  Many of us often think that the best way to get energy to the body is by consuming carbohydrates and sugars, particularly if we are looking to increase our energy levels much quicker.  While carbohydrates can certainly help release energy slowly, proteins actually take longer to break down in the body, meaning they release energy much slower.  Our shelled hemp seeds are bursting with protein power, containing 10.5g of protein per every 30g serving (one of the best natural sources of protein you can find).  Protein also helps fuel your body by building and repairing cells during the day, so start each day with a spoonful of hemp with your breakfast, and you’ll enjoy the slow releasing energy power of these super seeds.

3. One serving of hemp can provide you with 39% of your RDA of magnesium.

Like the mineral iron, magnesium helps our bodies fight off tiredness and fatigue.  Magnesium also helps support healthy bones and muscles and plays a crucial role in the creation of energy in the body, by helping to create Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is required for proteins and carbohydrates to make energy for muscles.  Optimal magnesium levels in the body therefore help facilitate oxygen and energy being delivered to working tissue muscle, helping you to function throughout the day.  One serving (30g) of Linwoods shelled hemp provides you with 39% of your RDA of magnesium, helping you maintain energy levels throughout the day.

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  1. Love hemp oil I’ve had rosacia Hemp oil now it’s almost gone it’s great for my skin inside and out. No antibiotics yay it’s the best 👍👍👍

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