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10 Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Hemp Seeds – The Ultimate Guide

We delve into the world of Hemp Seed and tell you all your need to know about this versatile superfood! Hemp seeds are remarkably nutritious little kernels that come from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. They’re a particularly rich source of healthy fats, fibre, protein, and minerals, and have been…

Linwoods Multiboost Milled Hemp New Packaging Reveal

LINWOODS GIVES A BOOST TO ITS MILLED HEMP RANGE We have boosted our Linwoods Multiboost Milled Hemp Range with a new packaging design. Multiboost Milled Organic Hemp Seed variants capture all the powerful benefits of hemp seed in three nutritious organic blends. The new look packaging strongly calls out the…

Greek Tomato Salad

Have an early taste of summer with this Greek Tomato salad, it’s flavoursome, refreshing and you only need 7 ingredients. We’ve included our Multiboost Milled Hemp to add a lovely nutty taste to this tomato salad and extra benefits including Protein, Omega 3 (ALA), Zinc, Magnesium and Iron. Preparation Time…

Support your immune system – simple ways to add goodness to your diet

Vital Nutrition- simple ways to add seeds to your diet Health has never been more important and we are encouraging you to support your immune system and ‘Take Extra Special Care’  this winter.  Nutritional Therapist Jane McClenaghan ( has some great tips on how you can include our three immunity…

Linwoods Launch Winter Advertising Campaign

Health has never been more important, with many consumers looking for ways to boost immunity and improve overall wellbeing at this crucial time. In response to this changing landscape and with winter taking hold, we are encouraging consumers to boost their immune system and ‘Take Extra Special Care’ through our…

Minty Peas with Hemp

Frozen peas cooked and blended up with some Greek yogurt, fresh mint with a little extra protein and all round nutritional boost from hemp seeds.

Take extra special care of yourself with Linwoods   

At Linwoods Health Foods we have always been committed to enhancing our customers’ health and wellbeing through plant-based foods and producing simple and quick solutions that will help provide the body with its all-important nutrients. Now more than ever, we think it is especially important that our family of customers…

Simple Ways to Add Seeds to Your Diet

Vital Nutrition- simple ways to add seeds to your diet So you’ve bought some seeds because you’ve heard that they are good for you. But are you still figuring out what they are good for, and how to use them? Nutritional Therapist Jane McClenaghan ( has some great tips on how…

Pink Lady Bircher Muesli

Thick creamy delicious bircher muesli, laced with nuts, seeds and coconut, infused with Mulberry Multiboost for a nutritional upgrade… this chilled prepared in advance breakfast is me dipping my toe into Spring!


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