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Flu Fighting

Flu Fighting Finds

Helpful Hydration

Whilst we may begin to see plenty of water outside in the form of rain or hail, it’s a good idea to make sure we give our insides enough fluids to flush out the toxic by-products that our bodies produce on a daily basis. Water and natural fruit juices are best for hydration as coffee and tea can have diuretic (fluid-eliminating) properties. Watermelon is a refreshing addition to our Autumn diet as it has glutathione, an antioxidant known to strengthen the immune system.

Foods for Health

Grapefruit is a flu fighting friend that should be on our shopping list this week as its high in Vitamin C, helping to detoxify the liver. Our liver plays a big role in our immune system and when the liver is under pressure it needs something alkaline to help detox. If you have ever eaten a grapefruit you might wonder how it can be alkaline instead of acidic, but when our bodies metabolize citrus fruit they become alkaline.

There’s no brrrr in Brazil

Brazil nuts are a great source of protein, healthy fats and selenium which is necessary for good immune function, helping guard your body against cold and flu. Researchers in University of North Carolina found in a study that mice deficient in selenium showed higher levels of inflammation when infected with the flu virus. You don’t need to go nuts, just 30g of this Linwoods mix provides you body with a Selenium boost.

Dreaming of the Sun

Sunflower seeds are one of the best food sources of vitamin E – an antioxidant helping you to maintain a healthy immune function. Other sources include spinach, peanut butter, broccoli and tomato. Sprinkle over salads for a Mediterranean feel to your meal, or add to comforting soups and stews to warm your chills.

Beat a Cold with Beta Glucan

Oats contain beta glucan, a fibre known for its ability to boost the immune system and lower cholesterol. Early studies show that beta glucan can help upper respiratory tract infections as well as high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and HIV/Aids. Start your day off with a bowl of oats, blueberries and Linwoods Milled Organic Flaxseed for beta glucan, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Dietary Fibre and Omega 3.


Please note that this information is not to be treated as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for advice relating to your health.

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