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The Food medic

The Food Medic – What I eat in a day

Hazel Wallace a.k.a The Food Medic is a busy lady! Not only is she a Junior Doctor working long shifts, she’s also a health blogger, foodie and qualified PT working out several times a week.

So how does someone who has so little time to spare, manage to eat a healthy, balanced diet full of mouth-wateringly delicious recipes?

We asked Hazel to let us in on what she eats in a typical day – here’s what she said (warning – this may leave you feeling very hungry!!).


Typical Meals For Hazel Wallace

Breakfast: Coffee, overnight oats with chia seeds and grated apple.

Spiced Apple and Chia Overnight Oats The Food Medic

Overnight oats are perfect for saving time in the morning. Take 5 minutes to prep the night before and you have a healthy breakfast which tastes great cold, or microwaved for 60-90 seconds.

Check out Hazel’s quick and easy Spiced Apple & Chia Overnight Oats.


Mid-morning snack: Almonds and blueberries

Blueberries The Food medic

Ideal for a quick boost to keep you going through to lunch.


Lunch: Chicken, roasted vegetables and sweet potato. Carrot sticks + Hummus.

Kale Hummus The Food medic

We love Hazel’s Kale Hummus – a healthy twist on the traditional!


Dinner: Baked salmon with flaxseed crust, roasted vegetables and lentils

Crusted salmon The Food medic

Try this tasty Crusted Salmon fillet recipe.


Dessert: Yogurt, frozen berries, chopped dark chocolate and a sprinkle of one of the Linwoods blends!

Breakfast Granola The Food medic

Our Flaxseed and Goji Berry blend is perfect for adding a little extra natural sweetness!

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