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How to replace chocolate with our Flaxseed, Cocoa and Berries blend

1. Replace that chocolate dip

Melting chocolate with butter to use as a sauce or dip of some sort with a dessert is a quick and easy thing to do and can be used with so many different ingredients – from coating nuts to covering strawberries.  Forget about melting chocolate and combine our Flaxseed, berries and cocoa mix with low-fat Greek yoghurt and enjoy this with fruit and nuts instead.

2. Chocolate crepes

Chocolate is a popular filling for crepes and can sometimes even be combined to make the batter.  Next time you want to enjoy a chocolate hit with your morning crepes or pancakes use Linwoods flaxseed, berries and cocoa mix in your batter.  Not only will you get a rich chocolate flavour, you’ll also get a sweet hit from the berries.  A great way to start any day!  Check out the recipe here.

3. Say goodbye to chocolate chip muffins

As with the crepes, chocolate is a popular filling for muffins with small pieces of chocolate often adding a great flavour and texture element to muffins.  If you enjoy your chocolate fix but want to cut down on your chocolate intake, add Linwoods flaxseed, berries and cocoa to your mix.  Replace the pieces of chocolate with dried fruit or nuts for even more nutritional goodness.  You can view a morning breakfast muffin recipe here.

4. Morning protein shake

Chocolate protein shakes are a tasty way of getting vitamins and minerals at the start of any day.  If you’re worried about the cocoa level within these shakes, simply buy some plain whey protein powder and combine it with water (or milk) and a spoonful of Linwoods flaxseed, berries and cocoa mix every day.

5. Blondies

Forget chocolate brownies, blondies are all the rage now.  Chocolate brownies require melted chocolate and cocoa powder among other things (if they’re done right).  Blondies require no chocolate at all although it’s still nice to get some sort of chocolate kick from them.  Most blondie recipes will suggest adding dark chocolate to the mix.  We suggest replacing this with a spoonful Linwoods flaxseed, berries and cocoa mix and then combining with icing sugar to lightly dust the blondies at the end for that extra bit of sweetness (this is optional of course).  Check out this great gluten-free blondie recipe from Jamie Oliver.

6. Chocolate chip cookies

A favourite for many of us regardless of your age, you can still enjoy chocolate chip cookies without the need for chocolate chips – sounds strange we know!  Replace your chocolate with Linwoods Flaxseed, berries & cocoa in the mix and combine with other ingredients (here’s a great recipe that uses ground almonds and peanut butter). You can always experiment with different ingredients to replace the texture you would normally get from the chocolate chip.  The flaxseed, cocoa and berry mix will give you that taste of chocolate that you have come to expect (although do be prepared for a slightly milder chocolate taste).

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