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Top running blogs to follow

Running is one of the cheapest and most accessible forms of exercise. You can do it anytime, anywhere with no need for expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment. It can also be one of the most challenging forms of exercise – both physically and mentally!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned runner, we’ve picked out our favourite running blogs to help motivate and inspire you!


The Runner Beans

Charlie aka The Runner Beans is a marathon runner and fitness junkie from London.

Charlie’s blog covers topics on all things running. From marathon training to book reviews, travelling to mental health, it’s not hard to see why Charlie’s honest and down to earth attitude has gained her an impressive 23.5K followers on Instagram.

Even if you’re not a fan of running we think it’s well worth having a read of The Runner Beans blog!

The Runner Beans running blogs

Run Selfie Repeat

New Yorker Kelly Roberts is creator of the popular blog Run Selfie Repeat and body positive movement #SportsBraSquad which encourages women to ditch their shirts as well as their insecurities and be proud of their bodies.

Kelly, who grabbed attention when she ran the New York Half Marathon in 2014 taking selfies with “hot guys” along the way, has been named by Women’s Running as one of the top 20 women who are changing the sport of running.

A breath of fresh air with her fun attitude and witty sarcasm, Kelly has gained a loyal following of 32,000 on her Instagram page and is now working towards achieving her goal of qualifying for the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Kelly Roberts running blogs


Lazy girl running

Laura Fountain is a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and Level 3 Personal Trainer. She’s also a freelance journalist and editor specialising in women’s health.

On her website Lazy Girl Running Laura provides lots of tips and advice for all abilities whether you’re a complete beginner or training for a marathon. Having confessed to being “unable to run 400 metres” at the start of her journey to now running countless marathons, Laura certainly makes the impossible seem achievable. And she can also add being a published author to her list of achievements having written two books – The Lazy Runner and Tricurious.

Lazy Girl Running running blogs

Veggie runners

Dynamic duo Jayne and Bibi Rogers aka Veggie Runners are fanatical about running and their enthusiasm is infectious. The mother and daughter combo document their adventures and the best veggie food to keep them fuelled. They love running so much that they even did Parkrun on Bibi’s wedding day!

Combining their love for running and yoga the Veggie Runners have also co-founded their own unique form of exercise Roga. “A unique approach to full-body fitness, combining running, yoga, fitness drills and mindfulness”.

Veggie Runners running blogs

Running Physio

As the title of his blog would suggest Running Physio Tom Goom is a physiotherapist and a very keen runner!

Tom started Running Physio in March 2012 to help those training for marathons that spring, since then it’s developed into a resource used by runners all over the world. Tom has written for Running Fitness, Men’s Running UK, and the British Journal of Sports Medicine blog. His work has featured on Kinetic Revolution, Bartold Biomechanics and a host of online sports sites.

Tom’s blog is full of useful information and resources relating to training, performance and injury recovery.

Running Physio running blogs

Mile Posts

Mum of three Dorothy Beal wasn’t always a runner. Having returned home from college for spring break, Dorothy realised that she had become unhealthy, unfit and unhappy. After many years of being encouraged by friends and family Dorothy eventually took up running and the rest is history!

Now a marathon veteran Dorothy shares her passion for all things running on her blog Mile Posts. From marathon tips to running playlists and inspirational advice, Dorothy’s blog posts go the extra mile to motivate thousands of people to get out and start running!

Regularly featuring in running magazines and ad campaigns, Dorothy has even featured as the cover model on Women’s Running magazine!

Mile Posts running blogs


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