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Benefits of eating seeds when training and working out

4 Benefits of eating seeds when training and working out

4 Benefits of seeds when working out:

1. Good source of protein:
Seeds can help provide your body with a great source of protein, and protein is something your body needs when you are training.  Protein helps aid your recovery and also plays an important role in the development and maintenance of muscle mass.  Protein is the building block of all life and is essential for the growth of cells and tissue repair.  While all of our seeds are a great source of protein, it is our shelled hemp seeds that are packed full of protein power with a 35g serving per 100g.  Aid your recovery and muscle development by adding hemp seeds to your diet this year.

2. Provide your body with energy:
Seeds can also be a great source of energy, as they provide your body with iron that helps carry oxygen around the body, providing you with energy.  Again, shelled hemp is a great source of iron, as is pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  It’s important that your body has high energy levels before you start training, otherwise you will start to feel lethargic and tire much easier.  Avoid the quick burst of energy that you can get from sugary energy drinks and blend some seeds into smoothies for a more sustained release of energy.

3. Great source of dietary fibre:
When working out regularly, it’s important that your diet is right.  This means eating at the right time during the day, and providing your body with the nutrients it requires to get rid of all the bad stuff you may take in during the day.  One way to do this is to ensure you have a good source of dietary fibre in your diet.  Fibre ensures bowel regularity and also helps you feel full for longer, reducing your desire to snack during the day.  This allows you to manage your weight much easier.  High fibre foods will also slowly release energy, and are a great way to start the day.  Chia seeds are packed full of fibre and a great addition to any athlete’s diet.

4. Source of Omega 3 fatty acids:
Flaxseed is one of nature’s richest plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.  Omega 3 fatty acids are ‘good fats’ that the body is unable to make by itself.  Omega 3 helps you to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and also helps you to maintain a strong heart, two things that are extremely important if you plan to train and workout on a regular basis.

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