Why protein is good for you when exercising

Why protein is good for you when exercising

Adults are advised to get 150 minutes of physical activity each week.  One of the easiest ways to try and ensure you get this is by splitting your 150 minutes into five 30 minute sessions.  It’s also important to ensure you are eating the right foods while exercising as your body needs to be able to perform and recover during any exercise session.

What should you eat when exercising?

The main thing to remember when it comes to exercising is how you fuel your body.  Your diet is so important when it comes to physical exercise and it’s important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.  This means ensuring that you get the following food groups into your body on a daily basis.

The main food groups that you should be aiming to get every day are:

  1. Your  5 portions of fruit and veg
  2. Starchy foods rich in carbohydrate
  3. Meat and fish that will provide protein
  4. Milk and dairy foods rich in calcium
  5. A small amount of food and drink high in fats and sugars

Indeed, some fats and sugars are good for the body and you will find so many of these great fats in our range of super seeds.

Why is protein so important when you are exercising?

Protein plays a big role in your diet when exercising and is particularly popular among endurance athletes and those individuals doing strength training.  While carbohydrates are great for your body in slowly providing it with energy, protein has 3 main purposes when it comes to your diet and exercising.

1. Recovery: Protein helps your body to replenish depleted energy stores once you have finished a workout.  Ensuring you get enough protein into your body is particularly important if you are working out for a long period of time.  This will work alongside carbohydrates to ensure your body gets the energy supplies it requires.

2. Muscle Development: Protein also contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle and is very popular with body builders and athletes looking to develop their physique and add some muscle definition.  Getting protein into your system after a workout also helps to repair and muscle that has been damaged during your workout.  Post workout shakes and smoothies have become a popular and tasty way of providing your body with protein after a workout.

3. Bone Development: The final reason to ensure you include protein in your diet when exercising is to help maintain the development of normal bones.  The older we get the more the bone mass in our bodies decrease.  Therefore if you are trying to stay fit as you get older, it helps to ensure you are getting a good source of protein into your diet.

Protein can be found in a number of foods including meat (especially chicken), fish, eggs, beans and milk.  Another food that is high in protein is hemp seeds – our shelled hemp seeds provide your body with 35g of protein per every 100g.  Not only are hemp seeds a great source of protein but they also provide your body with iron and magnesium which also helps to aid your recovery from exercising.  You can find out more about the great benefits of hemp seeds by reading our previous blog on 5 benefits of hemp seeds.

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