health trends in 2015

Top 5 health trends in 2015

1. Coconut sugar

The humble coconut has become a staple in most kitchens over the past years with coconut water, milk and oil all being used in recipes and consumed throughout the day by so many.  2014 was all about coconut oil and this year it’s the turn of coconut sugar.  Coconut sugar resembles brown sugar but is sourced naturally from the sap of a coconut plant meaning it retains many of the wonderful vitamins and minerals.  Well worth trying out in some of your favourite dessert and baking recipes.

2. Bone broth

From a tasty, rich sauce or jus, to a flavoursome fish soup or broth, any good stock will begin with using bones as the base of the stock.  Forget about your green teas this year, create a health bursting bone broth and let your body enjoy the boost from the vitamins and minerals that result from this.

3. Juice smoothie or “JuSmoothie”

Smoothies have been all go for well over a decade now with smoothie bars making their way on to streets up and down the country.  2015 has been all about the JuSmoothie.  A quick browse on Instagram and you’ll find any number of healthy juice and smoothie combos to try out.  Combine your juicer and blender to make a smoothie that gets you all the goodness from some of your favourite fruit and veg, while still getting that thick texture of a well-made smoothie.  Add some Linwoods Milled Organic Flaxseed for an extra boost of fibre as you enjoy.

4. Cauliflower as a carb substitute

Cauliflower has been a favourite for many and a popular part of the Sunday lunch menu up and down the country for generations.  Cauliflower is an extremely versatile vegetable and can be used much more than simply combining with cheese.  You can cook cauliflower to a rice like texture as a replacement for normal rice and you can even go a step further and create your own pizza dough using cauliflower.  Here’s a cauliflower pizza base recipe of our own to get you started with this wonderful vegetable.

5. Barre workout

2014 was all about crossfit with so many men and woman taking to this popular cardio workout to get fit and stay in shape.  2015 has been all about the barre workout, a mix of dance and cardio that helps strengthen your core and only takes 15-20 minutes.  Indeed, these shorter, quicker workouts are also proving to be popular in 2015.  All you need is a mat to get started on your warm-up (which includes press-ups and the plank).  The barre workout is a great way to develop your core and also define your leg muscles.  A bit like yoga and pilates, you can find out more about the barre workout here.

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