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What is Co-Enzyme Q10?

You have probably heard of Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in many skincare and beauty products but what exactly is CoQ10 and what does it do? What is co-enzyme Q10? CoQ10 is an enzyme that helps generate energy in your cells, and the highest levels are found in the liver, kidneys and…

8 Ways to Improve Digestion

Many of us suffer from digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhoea. Fortunately, changes in our diet and lifestyle can make a positive impact on our digestive health. Here are 8 ways to improve digestion naturally: 1. Stay Hydrated Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, is important for the digestive…

Steps to Improve your Immunity and Overall Health

For World Health Day (7th April 2021) we have partnered with leading nutritionist, Jenna Hope, to offer a range of tips for anyone looking to boost their immunity as lockdown restrictions begin to relax across the UK. Jenna, Linwoods Health Foods ambassador and registered nutrition consultant, said: “World Health Day…

Linwoods Launch Winter Advertising Campaign

Health has never been more important, with many consumers looking for ways to boost immunity and improve overall wellbeing at this crucial time. In response to this changing landscape and with winter taking hold, we are encouraging consumers to boost their immune system and ‘Take Extra Special Care’ through our…

Linwoods Launch the ‘Linwoods Health Movement’

UK, October 2020: We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand-new social campaign for October – the Linwoods Health Movement. The campaign sees the launch of a free digital wellness hub designed to encourage people of all ages to get moving during October with the aim of…

Rhitrition: What is your immune system and how to take care of it?

Have you ever wondered what exactly the immune system is and how you can take care of it? Rhiannon Lambert, leading Registered Nutritionist and founder of Rhitrition, provides us with an introduction to immunity and ways we can support the functioning of our immune system.   Introduction to immunity Our…


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