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5 Easy Top Tips to Reduce Christmas Bloating!

Nutritionist Jane McClenaghan offers her 5 easy top tips on how to reduce Christmas bloating and how to keep your gut healthy over the holiday period. 5 Top Tips to Reduce Christmas Bloating! Mince pies, Christmas turkey, brussel sprouts and cream on everything. There are some foods that make it feel like…

Christmas Juice for a Bloated Stomach

Try this nutritious and festive juice for a bloated stomach if your tummy needs some extra care from the heavy and sugary foods we can easily overindulge in around Christmas time. Not only does this juice taste like Christmas from the spices of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric but it contains…

Warm Apple Cinnamon Porridge

This Apple Cinnamon Porridge tastes like Christmas in a bowl filled with warms spices and sweet apple. We’ve also added our most festive blend, Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Chia seed, Apple and Cinnamon blend, to strengthen the sweet flavour and to add omega 3, protein and fibre to this scrumptious breakfast.  Warm…

Christmas Muffins | Goji Berry

Make these Christmas Muffins in preparation for Christmas Day for the whole family. They make a healthy breakfast treat with sweet berry flavours, plus this recipe is suitable for vegan diets from mixing Linwoods Flaxseed and Goji Berries blend with water.   Christmas Muffins | Goji Berry Preparation Time –…

Mince Pie Brownies

These delicious and doughy mince pie brownies will be a bit hit this festive season…a fudgy centre, spiced mixed fruit and a dollop of cream for good measure. We also mixed our Flaxseed, Cocoa and Mulberry blend with water for an egg replacement and extra rich chocolatey taste. Mince Pie…

Christmas Smoothie Bowl | Frosted Berry

Add a splash of colour and festiveness to your morning with this Christmas Smoothie Bowl. A delicious breakfast of frosted berry goodness which includes Linwoods Flaxseed, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries for a natural addition of omega 3, protein and fibre.  Christmas Smoothie Bowl | Frosted Berry Preparation…

Apple Cinnamon Bread

This warm and delicious Apple Cinnamon Bread is bursting with sweet apple chunks and cinnamon spices, topped with a luxurious cream cheese icing. Preparation Time – 15 minutes Cooking Time – 40 – 45 minutes Servings – 10 Ingredients For the Apple Cinnamon Bread 2 tbsp Linwoods Flaxseed, Chia, Apple and Cinnamon…


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