We often talk about the great benefits of linseed in a diet, but did you know that it is a very versatile ingredient that can be used in three ways? Ground (or broken), whole or as oil. This often leads to the following question: “how is linseed best eaten?” instead of sunflower or olive oil. With this in mind, we will elaborate on the differences between ground and whole linseed.


What is the difference between ground and whole linseed?

The major difference between eating ground or whole linseed is the digestion of the seeds. Flax seeds are an excellent source of fiber, and whole flax seeds go through the entire body without being digested. This means that the body ignores the amazing benefits that the seeds have to offer. Fiber plays a major role in the digestion of whole or ground linseed, and therefore the body can more easily digest ground linseed than the whole seeds.


The role of fibers in linseed:

There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Ground flax seed offers the body the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fiber, while whole flax seed only delivers insoluble fiber through its outer wall. Due to the role that insoluble fibers play, whole linseed quickly passes through the entire digestive system and contributes to regular bowel movements. With cold-ground linseed, the body can reap its many benefits thanks to the soluble fiber in the seeds. These benefits include proteins, iron and omega 3 oil.

What is better to eat: whole or ground linseed?

To add flax seeds to a diet, it is better to eat ground flax seeds. The seeds are ground into a powder that is easy to eat and digest. The body absorbs more fiber from ground linseed, and it is also easy to cook by adding it to a favorite meal or during baking, roasting and dressing. Ground linseed is an excellent alternative to eggs in vegan recipes.

Eating ground flax seeds:

Many consumers enjoy the crispy feeling of whole linseed, but because of its versatility, ground linseed is popular with many people. Its various uses explain why it is the most chosen way to exploit the fantastic benefits of linseed. However, you don’t have to believe us! Try ground linseed yourself and experience the delicious taste and the many benefits of this super healthy seed. At Linwoods we mix flax seeds with all kinds of other seeds, nuts and berries to offer an assortment of super healthy and tasty seeds for the whole family. View our range of super seeds.

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