Milled flaxseed vs whole Flaxseed

Milled flaxseed vs whole flaxseed – which is best for you?

What is the difference between milled flaxseed and whole flaxseed?

The big difference between eating milled flaxseed and whole flaxseed involves the digestion of the seeds.  Flaxseed is a great source of fibre and whole flax seeds pass right through your body without being digested, meaning your body will miss out on most of the great benefits that come from the seeds.  When it comes to the digestion of whole and milled flaxseeds, fibre plays a big role, and this is why milled flaxseeds are easier for your body to digest than whole flax seeds.

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The role of fibre in flaxseed:

There are two types of fibre – soluble and insoluble.  While milled flaxseed provides your body with the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibres, whole flax seeds only provides you with insoluble fibre due to its outer shell.  It is the role of the insoluble fibre that makes whole flaxseeds simply pace through your digestive system, aiding regular bowel movements.  When flaxseeds are cold milled, your body can look forward to enjoying the many benefits that are released thanks to the soluble fibre contained within the seed.  These benefits include protein, iron and Omega 3 oil.

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What is best to eat with, whole or milled flaxseed?

When it comes to adding flaxseed to your diet, the best way to do this is by eating milled flax seeds.  This is where the seed has been blended to a powder like substance, which is easy to consume and digest.  Your body absorbs more fibre from milled flaxseed and it is also great to cook with by either adding it to your favourite meals or incorporating it into your cooking as you bake, roast and dress food. Indeed, milled flaxseed can be a great alternative to eggs for vegan recipes.

Our Sweet Potato Bread recipe is a great example of how you can use flaxseed and water as an egg alternative when it comes to baking.The nutty flavour of flaxseed will also add an element to the taste of your food as you cook, and from a textural point of view, milled flaxseed is much easier to chew and consume than whole flaxseeds.  Milled flaxseed is also a great source of lignans, which are a powerful antioxidant that helps your body maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level.

Eating milled flaxseed:

While a lot of consumers will enjoy the crunch of whole flaxseeds, the versatility of milled flaxseed in food makes it a popular choice in many homes and is just another reason why it is the most popular way to enjoy the great benefits of flaxseed.  Don’t just take our word for it though, try milled flaxseed for yourself and look forward to enjoying the great flavours and benefits that come from this super healthy seed.  Here at Linwoods, we mix flaxseed with many other great seeds, nuts and berries to create a range of super healthy seeds bursting with goodness and flavour, that all the family can enjoy.  Check out our full range of super seeds.

Are you a fan of flaxseed?  What way do you like to take it in your diet?  Let us know today by commenting below or connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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