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Linwoods Gluten Free Goodies for Coeliac Awareness Week

In support of Coeliac Awareness Week (10th-16th May), we have created gluten free goodies perfect for children. These recipes have been created with snacking at school and on days out in mind – so children and young people affected by coeliac disease aren’t left feeling excluded as a result of their dietary needs.

Often mistaken for an allergy or intolerance, coeliac disease affects one in 100 children in the UK and can impact how the gut absorbs nutrients from food. And with an estimated 1.3 million people in Britain now on a gluten-free diet due to the condition, providing nutritious ‘free-from’ options has never been more vital.

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By providing nutritious, plant-based, gluten-free nut, fruit and seed blends, Linwoods hopes to help support coeliacs of any age in adding vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients to their ‘free-from’ diets – and making recipes for simple, healthy, gluten-free treats even more accessible.

Patrick Woods, Director of Linwoods Health Foods, said: “Coeliac Awareness Week is the ideal time to shine a light on the importance of providing free-from solutions to support the growing number of people across the UK turning to a gluten-free diet – particularly younger people who can struggle with feeling singled out due to special dietary requirements.

“By creating tasty gluten-free treats, children can enjoy spending time with their friends outdoors and at school without feeling self-conscious, isolated or worried about finding gluten-free alternatives, especially at a time where people are once again being reunited after the recent lockdown.

“Our Hazelnut Almond Butter Praline Bars and Oaty Vegan Scones are delicious and easy to make – and just two of the many recipes we provide to inspire those looking to venture into making more free-from dishes that are still packed with essential nutrients.

“All of our products are gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs and some of our core ingredients, such as chia seeds and cold-milled flaxseeds, make the perfect substitute for gluten-free baking. They also provide protein, which is important for those on a gluten-free diet in maintaining muscle mass and bone strength.”

Patrick Woods, Director of Linwoods Health Food

Leading UK nutritionist and Linwoods Health Foods ambassador, Jenna Hope, added: “There are a number of products within the Linwoods Health Foods range that are ideal for ensuring children and adults are consuming adequate amounts of key nutrients such as protein, magnesium and omega-3 among many others.

“Coeliac children following a free-from diet may be more likely to be at risk of nutrient deficiencies due to the exclusion of many foods, and key ingredients like Cold-Milled Flaxseeds are brilliant for adding to baking, porridge or yoghurt in the morning. As well as providing omega-3, magnesium and protein, they’re a great source of vitamin E and selenium. What’s more, the entire range is also rich in fibre to help support a healthy gut which is imperative for those who struggle with Coeliac Disease.”

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Coeliac Awareness Week 2021, which encourages people to #ShineALightOnCoeliac, is championed by Coeliac UK.


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