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Working from home and the stress of the current situation may be leading you to snacking more. Opting for healthy snacks can help to control your energy and blood sugar levels which in turn can prevent you from constantly grazing throughout the day. Knowing where to turn for healthy snacks can be challenging, which is why Nutritionist Jenna Hope has set out some simple guidelines to help you pick a healthy option.


1. Eat protein rich breakfast

Eating breakfast rich in protein can help to set you up for the day, stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep you fuller for longer. This means you’re less likely to experience energy crashes and consequent cravings for a sugar snack. Opt for eggs or Greek yoghurt with berries and cinnamon topped with Linwoods Shelled Hemp or Milled Flaxseed with Bio-Cultures & Vitamin D for an extra energy boost.



2. Portion out your snacks

For some people snacking is essential to tide them over until the next meal. Snacking isn’t a bad habit but it’s the grazing all day you probably wish to avoid. Therefore, portion sizes are essential. Ensure you’re honouring your hunger yet try to prevent your snack turning into a meal. Try portioning out your snacks rather than picking from the packet.


3. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is a common driver for snacking as individual’s often mistake their thirst for hunger. Ensure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day in order to prevent unnecessary snacking.





4. Combine protein and healthy fats

When it comes to snacking you may be tempted to reach for the sweeter options although high sugar foods are more likely to promote energy spikes and crashes. It’s these crashes which can drive you to constant grazing. Therefore, opt for a boiled eggs, nuts or oatcakes with peanut butter to help sustain your energy for a prolonged period of time.


5. Opt for wholefoods

Snacking is a great opportunity to provide your body with nutrient rich foods. Opting for wholefoods helps to ensure that you’re stocking up on all the micronutrients which may not be found in some of the high sugar alternatives.





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