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Flaxseed Summer Health

5 easy ways flaxseed can improve your general health this summer

Flaxseed can improve your general health in a number of ways. Here Nutritionist Jane McClenaghan give us insight into 5 ways flaxseed can improve your general health

How can flaxseed improve my general health this summer?

When it comes to looking after your health and nutrition this summer, adding a daily helping of Linwoods flaxseed to your diet can help to give you the edge. It is simple to incorporate into so many different dishes, from adding a boost to overnight oats, to a nutritional topper on summer curries.

Choose your favourite Linwoods milled seeds and get into the habit of having a little every day.

Here are 5 benefits of a daily Linwoods habit and how flaxseed can improve your general health

  1. Helps to maintain your energy levels

If you find your energy levels start to dip mid-afternoon, or you could do with a little boost in your day, then try adding some Linwoods milled seeds to your breakfast bowl. The protein and fibre in a 20g portion may help to sustain your energy levels throughout the morning. Adding a spoonful of Linwoods milled seeds  is a  lovely way to include some magnesium too – a nutrient that is essential for energy production within our cells and that can be deleted when we are under stress.

flaxseed can improve your general health

  1. To help keep your digestion regular

When we head off on holiday, or are out of our daily routine, sometimes digestion can be a bit off. If you find that you tend to be more constipated when your daily routine is rocked by summer holidays, then try adding Linwoods milled seeds into your diet every day. You should soon notice a difference, the combination of soluble and insoluble fibre can help to soften stools and make bowel movements a little easier. For best results, take with a glass of water or some herbal tea, as the soluble fibre needs fluid to do its work on your digestive tract.

  1. To support strong and healthy muscles

Most of us know that we need protein for strong and healthy muscles, but did you know that you also need magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc and B vitamins too. If you are upping your exercise, or focusing on fitness this summer, then adding these nutrients to your diet will help you get the most from your training. It is always best to get a food based protein supplement, as this will provide a better balance of nutrients that work synergistically. Try adding Linwoods milled seeds into smoothies with some natural yoghurt, fresh fruit and your favourite milk for a tasty way to support healthy muscle function.

Flaxseed and the ways it can improve your general health

  1. To regulate your appetite

Linwoods milled seeds are a great way to add a natural source of protein and a healthy balance of fibre, vitamins, minerals and essential omegas to your day.

Including a balance of protein, fibre and healthy fats at each meal can help you to feel fuller for longer, reduce cravings and support blood sugar and insulin balance. This makes it so much easier to make healthier choices and you’ll probably find that you have less of an appetite for snacks between meals.

  1. To support hormone balance

Flaxseed is a great source of plant based phytoestrogens, called lignans that have been shown to have a gentle balancing effect on oestrogen, so may help support symptoms of PMS, peri-menopause and female hormone balance. Linwoods products naturally contain other nutrients that are important for female balance, such as magnesium, B6 and zinc.


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Jane McClenaghan is Northern Ireland’s most recognised nutritionist with over 20 year’s experience and here she shares how flaxseed can improve your general health. Her company Vital Nutrition specialises in developing and delivering group sessions for corporate and community clients both online and in-person as well as running an online membership club and offering one-to-one consultations. She is a frequent user of Linwoods product

Jane Immune System

Jane’s knowledge in the subject area of health and wellbeing is unrivalled as indicated by her qualifications, reputation and experience.

Jane’s sessions cover a range of health and wellbeing topics from mental health to stress, female and male health, healthy eating on a budget, heart health, sleep, family wellbeing and much more.
Jane is also the author of two books on nutrition, she writes a weekly column in the Irish News, has a monthly slot on radio U105 and is a regular contributor to the BBC, The Belfast Telegraph and many other media outlets.

You can find out more and get in touch with Vital Nutrition here;

Vital Nutrition (


If you liked this article about how flaxseed can improve your general health Jane has written many articles for us which can be found in our blog. She writes about how flaxseed can improve your general health, ways it can supports women’s health and much more. If you would like easily digestible advice on how flaxseed can improve your general health you can see in depth descriptions of the benefits of each of our blends on the specific product pages.


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