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Dublin GAA secures their ‘Link to Good Food’ with Linwoods partnership

The partnership ensures that each player’s diet will now contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which are all core elements of Linwoods’ product range, consequently complementing each player’s performance on the pitch in a positive, energy-driven way.
The Linwoods Superfoods range, which includes a selection of milled and blended seeds, nuts and berries includes products that have the addition of Bio Cultures, for healthy digestion and immune system; and Co-enzyme Q10, which helps to produce energy from every cell in the body. The products can be added to any meal or snack for a nutritional boost. The versatility of the range ensures players can easily include it in their everyday diet and become a lifestyle choice.


Speaking about the partnership, Linwoods’ Sales and Marketing Manager Joanne Hayden said: “We have a reputation for providing high quality innovative healthy foods and we understand the dedication, commitment and passion shown by athletes and those within Dublin GAA, and are delighted to join forces with them to deliver this important aspect of their training.”

“Our Superfoods range has gone from strength to strength – demonstrating an appetite for healthy food which does you good and tastes good!  We look forward to our latest venture with Dublin GAA and hope that our healthy blends will help to deliver healthy scores in the seasons ahead for both the football and hurling teams!  This is a strategic step forward for the company as we seek other opportunities within the sporting world to provide our nutritious foods to competing athletes.”

Daniel Davey, Dublin Senior Football Performance Nutritionist has worked with a host of elite athletes across a range of sports, developing specialised nutrition strategies designed to help both individuals and teams achieve performance-related goals.  Daniel welcomes the healthy partnership adding: “Linwoods products are a rich source of essential nutrients such as essential fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can be used in a variety of ways to improve the nutritional value of main meals and homemade snacks. They are excellent for adding to homemade breakfast cereals, muesli, yoghurt, porridge and smoothies as well as making healthy treats! GAA athletes often have both demanding work and training schedules which makes meeting nutrition goals more challenging. Linwoods products are a great solution for these athletes in particular, as they can help them to more conveniently meet their energy and essential nutrient requirements on a daily basis.”

Tomás Quinn, Commercial and Marketing Manager, Dublin GAA: “We are delighted to enter into a partnership with Linwoods Healthfoods. As a leading Irish company in a growing market sector, we are well aware of the benefits their products have for our players. We believe this partnership is another sign of our desire to help the players meet the needs of balancing inter county football and hurling with their day to day lives”

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