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Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Pudding

Whether you want a sweet breakfast or after dinner dessert, Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Pudding is the perfect way to go. It’s a simple classic chia seed pudding but with an extra sweet twist of chocolate and almond butter. You can add your favourite toppings, but @dumbbellsandoats has went for frozen raspberries and flaked almonds.

Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Pudding by @dumbbellsandoats


Ingredients (serves 2) 

  • 55g Linwoods Milled Chia
  • 1.5 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 15g smooth almond butter
  • 40-50ml maple syrup
  • 230ml unsweetened almond milk
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt



  • Low calorie chocolate syrup/10g dark chocolate, melted
  • 10g 70% dark chocolate pieces/shards
  • Flaked almonds
  • Raspberries



  1. Blend together all the ingredients for the chia pudding using a blender.
  2. Pour the mixture into two ramekins or glasses.
  3. Top with melted dark chocolate/low calorie chocolate syrup, flaked almonds, dark chocolate pieces/shards and raspberries. Serve immediately.
Chocolate-Almond-Butter-Chia-Pudding-In Glasses
Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Pudding by @dumbbellsandoats

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