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What is Coenzyme Q10 and what are its benefits?

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that is very similar to a vitamin and can be found in every cell in your body.  It’s actually an important enzyme as your body makes CoQ10 and uses it for energy and cell growth and maintenance.  As we get older, the levels of CoQ10 produced in the body actually begins to fall so this means that the need for CoQ10 becomes even greater and as a result you need new ways to get it into your body.  This can be done by eating foods or supplements containing CoQ10, as there are a number of foods that contain it in small amounts.  While CoQ10 is an important enzyme in your body, just what exactly does it do and why should you ensure you get enough in your diet?

Spicy pumpkin soup

Although it's Winter this soup is the perfect way to get your Vitamin D boost without the sunshine! Just one serving (30g) of our Flaxseed with Bio Cultures and Vitamin D provides 100% RI of the sunshine vitamin, which amongst its many benefits contributes to the normal absorption of calcium…

5 great health benefits of goji berries

Claimed by many as a must try superfood, goji berries have actually been eaten for thousands of years.  Indeed, goji berries have been used in Chinese medicine for over 6,000 years and contain many great vitamins and minerals for your body.  While they aren’t as popular as other fruits from the berry family – think cranberries, raspberries and blueberries – this dried fruit adds a real hit of flavour to any dish and can be eaten whole or mixed into a smoothie or enjoyed with a salad. 

Top 5 health trends in 2015

There never seems to be a week that goes by without talk of a new health craze, the latest superfood or a new way to get fit.  Staying healthy doesn’t come easy and it requires work – a need to eat the right things, to live the right way and to look after your body in the best possible way.  Enjoying a healthy and balanced lifestyle can come easier for some than it does for others, but if you’re looking ahead to the cold winter months and wanting some inspiration for getting healthy or improving how you look after your body, here are 5 of the top trends we’ve seen so far in 2015.


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