7 ways to keep fit and healthy this summer

1. Embrace the great outdoors

Let's face it, the summer months and the warmer  evenings will make it much more appealing for us all to become more active.  That doesn't mean we all need to start running a daily 10km race but enjoying an evening stroll after a long day at work or getting out into the garden and enjoying some activities with the family can be a great start.

2. Eat light and eat less

Unlike the long winter days when we need to eat more substantial meals to fuel the body and keep warm, the summer months are very much about eating lighter and eating less.  Light salads, small snacks and larger breakfasts are the order of the day.  Try out our prawn noodle salad recipe using Linwoods milled organic flaxseed.

3. Add fruit and veg to your diet

Fruit and vegetables are not only good for your health but also good for your body and figure.  There are also an increased number of seasonal and tropical fruit and vegetables, often giving you a greater variety when it comes to creating that perfect summer salad.  Start each day with a fresh fruit smoothie or juiced fruit and veg, to provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs.  Add some milled flaxseed and goji berries to your summer smoothie for an extra boost.

4. Don't forget your water

It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day, and this is even more important during the summer months when our bodies are likely to lose more fluids due to the increasing temperatures.  Water helps to flush your body of all the bad toxins and starts your metabolism, so be sure to start each day with a glass of water.  Be sure to get at least 2 litres of water each day, and if you are outdoors or training during the summer months, increase this to stay hydrated.

5. It's BBQ time

Summer means time to  dust off the BBQ and enjoy cooking outdoors.  This doesn't mean you need to always cook burgers, sausages and steak; grill vegetables and fresh fruit to make a BBQ summer salad.  Pineapples, mangos, onions, and peppers all work well on a BBQ.  Cook healthier on your BBQ and aid any training your doing this summer by cooking high protein foods like chicken and salmon.

6. Increase your training routine

Step up your training regime as the summer draws nearer by going for 2 – 3 jogs during the week.  The longer evenings and bright mornings will make it more appealing to get the running shoes on and hit the road during the week.  Other popular summer training workouts include yoga in the garden, outdoor cross-training and circuit training, or simply putting down an exercise mat in the garden and get stared into some press ups, curl ups and squats.  

7. Get on your bike

Last on our list is cycling, a hobby which becomes popular among many of us, regardless of our age or general levels of fitness.  Cycling has gained huge increases in popularity in recent years thanks to the success of British cyclists like Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish and Victoria Pendleton.  If you own a bike, try to hit the road at least once a week and go for a cycle through your nearest town.  If you don't own a bike, there are many places to hire bikes from, especially if you are planning a holiday or a trip to the countryside.  With the Giro D'Italia having started off in Northern Ireland this year and the  Tour de France kicking off in Yorkshire , cycling is sure to be very prominent for many of us  over the coming weeks and months.  Read our latest blog to see how you can prepare and recover from training like a Giro D'Italia cyclist.

What will you be doing to get into shape for the summer months?  Share your tips with us by commenting below or connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.