7 ways to take flaxseed for dinner

1. Seafood Chowder:

First up in our list of dinnertime meals to try with flaxseed is a hearty seafood chowder.  Simply use your preferred type of fish (a mixture of your favourite fish will work best for adding flavour), to a vegetable stock, and simmer in the pan to get the full flavour of your fish and stock.  Add some cream to thicken your chowder and mix in some milled organic flaxseed and serve in a large bowl at the centre of your table.  Not only will this look, smell and taste great, your body can look forward to enjoying the many benefits of your favourite fish, veg and off course, Linwoods flax seed.  A sure fire winner dinner at any table.

Linwoods flaxseed seafood chowder

2. Cottage Pie:

Next up on our list is a popular dinner meal in many households throughout the UK and Ireland – cottage pie.  We recently took you on a step by step guide to creating a perfect cottage pie with flaxseed, and this dish is sure to be popular with all the family.  Again, it is a dish packed full of flavour, with the added protein and fibre benefits of milled organic flaxseed.  The nutty flavour of flax seed will also help give your cottage pie another dimension.

Linwoods flaxseed cottage pie

3. Salad:

While a salad may not exactly scream out dinner, they are a very versatile dish, and something that can be enjoyed throughout the day.  Many of us will enjoy a light salad for dinner as part of a balanced diet or as an accompaniment to another dish.  Simply sprinkle some flaxseed over your salad and enjoy.  If you are looking for something more substantial with your dinnertime salad, consider adding some chicken, pasta or prawns.  Check out our tasty prawn salad recipe on the Linwoods recipe page, which uses flaxseed to garnish the prawn and noodle salad mix.

Linwoods flaxseed prawn salad

4. Braised Lamb:

One of the most popular times for families to sit down and enjoy dinner together, is on Sunday, and sometimes there's nothing quite like a Sunday roast.  Whatever your meat of preference, use flaxseed to help create a flavoursome crust, stuffing or sauce, that will add bags and bags of flavour to your Sunday lunch.  Why not try out our Sunday braised lamb Seville recipe this weekend, and enjoy the great benefits of flaxseed, bio cultures and vitamin D with your meat.

Linwoods flaxseed braised lamb

5. Pesto Chicken:

When it comes to meat in the UK and Ireland, the nation's sweetheart must be chicken, perhaps the most versatile piece of poultry you can work with.  Whether you are frying it, grilling it, adding to a soup or roasting it, chicken just seems to always work. Why not try adding Linwoods flaxseed, nuts and CO-Q10 the next time you are cooking with chicken and make a succulent piquant pesto chicken.

Linwoods flaxseed pesto chicken

6. Flaxseed Chicken Goujons:

Sticking to the chicken theme, and we suggest adding some fun to your next meal in the kitchen and maybe get your kids involved and create some easy to make flaxseed crusted chicken goujons.  Simply slice your chicken into strips, and coat them with egg, flour and flaxseed, to create some fried chicken that all the family will enjoy.  Add our milled organic flaxseed, pumpkin and sunflower seed mix to your coating, for a truly flavoursome chicken dish.

Linwoods flaxseed chicken goujons

7. Vegetable Risotto:

Last on our list is a dish that can sometimes be tricky to master, but if you get it right, the taste is well worth the effort needed to get it right.  We're talking about a risotto.  Risottos can come in all sorts of flavour from a wild mushroom risotto to a fiery curry risotto.  If you are confident in the kitchen, you can certainly experiment with different flavours and combinations when getting your risotto just right, but to get started with risotto, we recommend trying to master a vegetable risotto.  You can view the Linwoods vegetable risotto recipe, using flaxseed, by clicking here.  

Linwoods flaxseed vegetable risotto

Have you tried using Linwoods milled organic flaxseed to create any memorable dinners at home?  Submit your flaxseed dinner recipes to us and share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter, and you could be our next Linwoods customer recipe of the month.