7 great pieces of equipment to stay fit in the home

1. Gym ball:

First up is the humble gym ball, a popular bit of equipment in many commercial and home gyms, this ball allows you to increase the intensity of many exercises such as press ups, curl ups and the plank, making it ideal for training in your home.  It is also a perfect addition to help you get the most from a yoga workout, allowing you to work on your core strength and challenge yourself when doing yoga in the home.

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2. Kettlebells:

One gym workout that has taken the nation by storm in recent years is the kettlebell workout.  A tough workout that can help you develop and define your upper body muscles, the kettle bell is a must have for anyone looking to keep fit indoors.  Little space is required when using them, and you can purchase varying weights of kettlebells, to match your own physical requirements.

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3. Dumbbells:

A popular piece of home workout equipment for generations.  Dumbbells allow you to work on your strength and conditioning from the comfort of any room in your home.  Whether you have a bench or not, you can use your dumbbells in any environment, from standing to sitting, allowing you to answer that often asked gym question – “do you even lift”!

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4. Punch bag:

While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, fitting a punch bag to your bedroom or in your garage can be a great way to enjoy an intense workout from your home.  A punch bag will allow you to enjoy a cardio workout that focuses on speed and strength, and for those of you who have had a stressful day at the office, it's a great way to let off some steam.

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5. All in one sit up and pull up bar:

An all in one gym bar will enable you to do pull ups, sit ups and press ups in your home, 3 core exercises that can really help you get some great results when working out indoors.  Work up a sweat by increasing the intensity at which you do these basic exercises.  These all in one bars as usually a relatively affordable piece of gym equipment and will take up little space in your home.

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6. Rowing machine:

Next up is probably the most expensive piece of equipment on our list, but if you look about, you may be able to pick up a second half machine in great working condition.  We're talking about a rowing machine.  Rowing machines allow you to enjoy an intense workout that will work many muscle groups in your body, including your arms, shoulders, back and legs, allowing you to really improve your strength, stamina and general fitness levels.  Rowing machines are also an extremely easy piece of gym equipment to use.

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7. Gym mat:

We've saved the best to last on our list as we look at something that everyone should have in the cupboard if looking to train at home – a gym mat.  A gym mat will provide you with a comfortable surface with which you can work out on a daily basis, and caters for many different types of training, from an intense set of core circuits, to a pilates or yoga session, and much more.

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These are just some of the great bits of home gym equipment to get using today, but whether you are planning on working out in your home, in a gym or in the local park, check out our tips for preparing and recovering from a training session.  Remember that diet plays a key role in your ability to both get fit and stay fit, and if it is muscle development that you are after, our protein packed Linwoods Shelled Hemp will make a great addition to your diet.

Have we missed some of your favourite home gym equipment from our list?  If so, share your favourite pieces of home training equipment with us by commenting below or connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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