4 handmade gift ideas to make for a special mother this Mother's Day.

1. Handmade box of chocolates:

A box of chocolates is certainly one of the most popular choices of gift for Mothers Day, but why not go one better and make your very own handmade box of handmade chocolates.  To make your chocolates, you can use an ice cube box to ensure they all look the same and are the same size (a silicone tray will make the chocolates easier to remove).  To start with, melt 3 bowls of chocolate – use white, light and dark chocolate as this will give you a different selection of chocolates for your box.  Add some dried fruit like cranberries, raspberries, apricots or some pistachio nuts, and fill your tray with the melted chocolate.  Leave these aside to set and decorate the top of your chocolates for that added personal touch.  You can also add some milled organic flaxseed, cocoa and berries to your chocolate mix for an added fruit and nut taste.  While the chocolates are setting, get to work on your presentation box by creating your very own hand crafted box, decorating with a bow and lining with some grease proof paper.

(Image source: 21 Food)

2. Handmade scented candles:

Another way to make something special for your mum this Mothers Day is to create some wonderfully smelling, homemade scented candles.  It's not as hard to make candles as you think, and once you've got the hang of it, you'll wonder why you never tried it out before.  To make your own candles, you will need:

  • Wax (paraffin wax beads and beeswax, or old candles)
  • Some moulds
  • Wick
  • Dye discs or liquid candle dye (optional)
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • A double boiler

All of these will be available from most crafts shops.  You can even get really personal by incorporating some of your mums favourite colours and smells.  Add a customised label with a personal message for the perfect finishing touch.  To find out how to make your own scented candles, click here.

(Image source: Decoist)

3. Handmade photo frame or canvas for a special mum:

Photo frames and pictures always look great spread throughout the house.  They can be a friendly way to welcome guests into your home and are also a great way to show the love of a family within the home.  Create your own photo frame or canvas this year and fill it with photos or words that best describe your mother and showcase the many great memories you have made over the years.  This will be a very thoughtful touch, and the bulk of your work will go into creating the picture frame.  You will be able to get the supplies you need to make your very own frame, from most good picture frame shops and even some local DIY and hardware stores.  Visit your local stationary shop to get additional materials for any print or paper needs for the picture frame. 

(Image source: Not on the High Street)

4.   Handmade pillow with space for your mother's day card:

Go that extra mile this mother's day by getting really creative and making your very own handmade pillow for your mum.  To make your pillow, take 2 pieces of fabric, and draw on it the shape you want (square or heart).  Pin both fabrics together (back to back) and sew around the outline leaving a gap of around 2 inches.  Cut any excess material off and turn the pillow inside out so that the main side of your pillow is now showing.  Stuff and fill your pillow and stitch the final piece close.  Use additional fabric to add a personal mother's day message onto the pillow (or if you're a skilled sewer, you can sew in a message).  For more information on making your own pillow click here.

(Image source: Homelife)

Make this Mother's Day one to remember with these special gift ideas, and finish the day by replicating our Linwoods Sunday Braised Lamb Seville recipe, which uses our milled flaxseed, bio cultures and vitamin D mix.  A great, hearty family meal to finish the perfect Mother's Day.

Are you planning on getting creative this Sunday and making a handmade mother's day gift?  Share your favourites gift ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter and we will share some of our favourites.