For many of us, the path to a healthier diet and lifestyle often starts with what we eat and what goes into our bodies.  We previously looked at 5 steps to a healthier you in 2014, and with two months behind us already, we thought we would take a look at 5 tools that help you improve your nutrition from the kitchen.  It's not just what we eat but how we eat and how we prepare our food that can often impact on how healthy our diets are. 

5 kitchen tools to help you enjoy a healthier diet.

1. Juice machine:

One of the best ways to go about getting your five a day is by using a juicer machine, especially if you are planning on mixing fruit and vegetables to make a great drink packed with nutritional goodness.  A juice machine does what the name suggests, and extracts the juices from your favourite fresh fruit and vegetables, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the vitamins and nutrients from them.  Unlike pure fruit juice that you can buy from most shops, your freshly squeezed juice will not contain any added sugar.  Those juicers that are more expensive also allow you to add some pulp to your juice, helping you to enjoying the added fibre that will come from the pulp.  A juicer also removes the mess that would usually come with juicing fruit and vegetables by hand.

2. Actifry air fryer:

Another must have for any kitchen if you're looking to change your cooking and eating habits is the Tefal Actifry.  The Actifry is a fryer with a difference and cooks much more than just chips.  Using 1 spoonful of cooking oil, the Actifry is a much healthier way to cook fried food and can cook anything from meat to fresh vegetables.  The Actifry uses fresh air to cook your food and you can also look forward to not having to put up with the smell that is associated with traditional deep fat fryers.  The Actifry is also a versatile machine allowing you to cook multiple food groups and control the portion size you choose to cook, allowing you to enjoy 'fried' food in a much healthier way.

(Image source: Tefal Actifry)

3. Soup maker:

Soup is a great way to start eating healthier and makes a tasty dish for lunch, dinner or a snack during the day.  We're big soup fans here at Linwoods and our spicy butternut squash soup which uses milled organic flaxseed, sunflower & pumpkin seeds has proved to be a big hit with our many customers.  One tool that will be worth adding to your culinary collection this year is a soup maker.  A soup maker makes it even easier for you to prepare your favourite soups as it browns, blends and cooks your soup from start to finish.  All you have to do is prepare your ingredients, put them into the soup maker, and relax until the soup is ready.  With a simple pour function, you'll have little cleaning to do when finished the cooking process.  Cuisinart and Morphy Richards are among the best soup makers on the market today.

(Image source: Cuisinart)

4. Set of digital scales:

Some tools are simple essential in the kitchen and one of those is a quality set of digital scales.  A digital scale and measuring cups are a great way to monitor your portion sizes, ensuring you don't go overboard when it comes to eating those tasty treats that aren't exactly good for your waistline.

5. Ice cream maker:

The final tool on our list for improving your nutrition in the kitchen may come as a bit of a surprise, but an ice cream machine will allow you to make your own healthy frozen desserts, that can substitute the sweet, sugary ice cream you may be used to.  Owning an ice cream maker allows you to experiment with fresh fruit and natural yoghurt to create a healthy and tasty alternative to ice cream.  Enjoy even more benefits from homemade ice cream by adding our milled organic flax seed to your mixture, and creating a tasty and healthier ice cream that your friends and family can enjoy again and again.  Check out our fruit sponge and ice cream for a great dessert that you can look forward to making in your kitchen.

Are there any tools you would add to the list to ensure you cook and eat much healthier in 2014?  Share your favourite healthy living kitchen tools with us by commenting below or connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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