1. A tasty super seed smoothie:

Quick, simple and easy to make, a smoothie is a great way to enjoy the great benefits of Linwoods seeds.  Simply pick your favourite seeds and blend them with fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy a fresh and healthy smoothie anytime of the day.

2. Mix in and make tasty flaxseed flapjacks:
We recently looked 5 great flaxseed recipes to cook with children and one of the most enjoyable and tasty is flaxseed flapjacks.  Combine dried fruit, porridge oats and milled flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin & sesame seeds and goji berries to create a tasty treat that all the family can enjoy, morning, noon or night. 

3. Sprinkle on top of a yoghurt:
Finally, a quick and easy way to enjoy Linwoods milled organic flaxseed during the day is to simply sprinkle it over the top of a yoghurt.  You can even make your own healthy snack by pouring some Greek yoghurt over fresh fruit and topping with milled flaxseed.

Have these 3 recipes given you an idea of ways in which you can enjoy Linwoods seeds?  Let us know how you enjoy Linwoods during the day by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.  If you have any tasty recipes using Linwoods seeds, be sure to share them on our recipes page.  Check out our full range of super seeds today and start enjoying the great benefits of Linwoods seeds in your food.