10 foods that will really help provide a boost of energy to your body in 2014:

1. Bananas:
Often a popular choice with athletes, bananas can be a great source of energy to your body.  Bananas are one of the world's finest foods for supplying your body with energy.  The supply of vitamins and carbohydrates can provide your body with a quick burst of energy or a more sustained release of energy.  They also make you feel quite full, with vitamin B and potassium slowing down your digestion and helping to maintain your blood sugar levels.

2. Salmon:
Fish is a great source of energy and certainly something we should all try to include in our diet.  Fatty, oily fish like mackerel and salmon can be a great way of providing energy to your body, with salmon packed full of the energy producing goodness of Omega 3 fatty acids.

3. Apricot:
Most fruits can be a great source of energy to your body as they contain natural sugars that can give your body a quick boost.  Apricots are a great energy boosting fruit for our bodies and can be eaten fresh or dried, so try to add some apricots to your diet this year, for a daily boost of energy, fibre and vitamin C.  One great recipe to tryout at home is apricot stuffing.

4. Greek Yogurt:
Natural yogurt is another great source of energy as they contain many probiotics which play a key role in your body’s digestion.  These probiotics can also help boost your energy levels.  Blend some Greek yogurt with fruit for an energy boosting breakfast smoothie to start your day.

5. Broccoli:
Low levels of iron can often affect your energy levels.  Green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are great for providing energy to the body, while broccoli also helps your body fight many diseases.  A powerful antioxidant, broccoli is known as a smart carb and is high in fibre and protein but low in calories.

6. Nuts:
Another great source of energy to the body is nuts, as they contain lots of healthy fats that the body uses to provide energy.  Nuts like almonds and walnuts are a great source of energy.  For more information on the benefits of nuts, read our recent article on why you should add nuts to your diet.  Check out our flaxseed, nuts and CO Q10 mix which is packed with the goodness of walnuts and almonds.

7. Seeds:
One food group that continues to grow in popularity as an energy boosting superfood for the body is seeds.  This includes high protein seeds like flax, hemp, chia, pumpkin and sesame.  The seeds contain a range of body boosting benefits and can be added to almost anything.  Check out our range of super seeds today and start enjoying the great energy boosting benefits.

8. Avocado:
Classified as a fruit, avocados provide the body with many great nutrients and are both high in fibre and rich in monosaturated fats.  These are good fats that your body uses to create energy quickly, meaning avocados can provide your body with a great source of energy without increasing your protein or carbohydrate intake.  Add to a salad or blend to make a tasty guacamole dip.

9. Lentils:
Lentils are packed full of many great benefits for your body, providing you with lots of the nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.  Lentils are a great source of protein and fibre, containing very little calories, often making them a popular staple with many people looking to lose weight.  The complex nature of the fibres and carbohydrates in lentils allow energy to be released slowly in the body while the high levels of iron, transports iron around your body, playing a key role in metabolism and the development of energy.

10. Kale:
The last energy boosting food on our list is the extremely popular superfood, kale.  High in vitamins and minerals, kale is one of the best vegetables you can put into your body, and a real energy booster that provides you with the essential minerals of copper, potassium, iron and phosphorus.  The get the real energy boosting benefits of kale, ensure you cook it instead of taking it raw as this makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb these crucial vitamins and minerals.

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