Womens Fitness – 5 fitness websites for women to follow:

1. Women’s Fitness:
First up on our list is www.womensfitness.co.uk, a website about fitness for women.  Women’s fitness provides lots of fitness advice including workout routines, popular celebrity workouts, exercise videos and reviews of fitness equipment.  There is also plenty of nutritional advice which is extremely useful, as diet and nutrition is just as important as your training routine when it comes to getting fit and healthy.  The site provides regular articles which are packed with great information to inspire your training regime this year.

2. Women’s Health:
Women’s health is the online platform for popular health and fitness magazine, Women’s Health.  The website has a great fitness section which includes workout advice, tips to getting a celeb body, information on the ever popular yoga workout and a regular fitness blog.  The fitness section also contains information on dealing with sports injuries, something which is useful if you are taking your first steps into the world of getting fit.  As well as a detailed fitness section, the site also provides advice on general health, nutrition & diet, and beauty & style, making it a great all round site for women to visit.  For those of you with a busy schedule, the ‘Find a Workout’ tab is a lifesaver when it comes to planning your daily workout.  Check out women’s health today at www.womenshealthmag.co.uk.

3. Jillian Michaels:
Jillian Michaels is a popular US fitness and wellness expert with over 20 years experience. Jillian uses her own experiences and fitness battles to inspire her ever growing online community.  With a number of personal training certificates, books, DVDs, apps and even video games, it’s clear to see that Jillian is an expert in the field and well worth following.  She now enjoys celebrity status in America but continues to help thousands of women lose those all important pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.  Jillian shares her countless success stories and many of these are truly inspiring.  There are also some recipe plans and a community to allow you to get the advice you need to get fit and also share your progress with others.  There are also some great workout videos but beware, there are a number of workout and meal plans locked for members of the site.  For those of you keen to make a real change to your fitness in 2014, becoming a member of www.jillianmichaels.com may be a good investment.

4. WSFF (Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation):
The WSFF is the women’s sport and fitness foundation and is a UK website that is trying to get women in Britain more active.  The site is very much information based, which we think is extremely useful for those of you looking to develop a better understanding of what is required to not only getting fit, but staying fit.  The WSFF is very much geared to promoting sport and fitness for women and has its own networks who share fundraising ideas and tips, as well as discussing upcoming events for those of you looking to get involved with WSFF.

5. Fit Bottomed Girls:
The wonderfully named fit bottomed girls, is a team of four women who like to put a bit of fun into the process of getting fit, while also allowing for some of life’s little treats, that make the process that little easier.  With information ranging from boxing and dance to swimming and pilates, there really is something for everyone with the FBG crew no matter what your level of fitness is.  The site also provides some great advice on meals to eat and product reviews across a range of areas including fitness equipment and workout DVDs.  The FBG girls really inject their personality into each article they create for the site and it is certainly one to add to your list of websites to regularly visit in 2014.  You can find out more about the FBG team by visiting http://fitbottomedgirls.com.

While it’s important to get into a regular training routine when trying to stay fit, a healthy and balanced diet is just as important for anyone on the road to getting fit.  Be sure to regularly check out our Linwoods blog where we will provide lots of health and nutritional advice throughout the year, including the many health benefits of our range of Linwoods super healthy seeds.

Have we missed your favourite fitness site?  Share the health and fitness websites you like to visit most often by commenting below or connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, and we will share our favourite with the Linwoods community.