Twitter has become a really valuable source of information in recent years and following the right accounts on Twitter can really help you keep on top of things like healthy eating tips, the latest diet plans, training ideas and new recipes for you to try in your home.  Twitter is real time information at its best and if you are a regular user of Twitter, here are 8 accounts we recommend you start following.
8 Twitter accounts to follow for healthy eating inspiration:

1. Jamie Oliver:
First on our list of healthy eating Twitter accounts to follow is the wonderful Jamie Oliver.  Jamie is a bit of a British treasure and he’s certainly worth following on Twitter.  He regularly shares his recipes and they will soon leave you licking your lips and reaching for the shopping list.  He also shares lots of advice on living and eating healthier as well as retweeting messages from his 3 million plus followers.  For those of you on Google+, Jamie has also embraced the world of Google hangouts.  These are worth checking out.  You can follow Jamie on @jamieoliver.

2. Kathy Freston:
Next up on our list is American health and wellness expert and author, Kathy Freston.  Kathy is a New York Times best-selling author who has appeared on numerous TV shows in the US including Oprah, Ellen, Good Morning America and The Martha Stewart Show.  She focuses on the key to healthy living and conscious eating and provides some great daily tips to staying healthy for her 60,000 followers on Twitter.  Follow Kathy (@kathyfreston) and look forward to some great advice on looking after your body in 2014.

3. Joy Bauer:
Joy Bauer is another New York Times bestselling author who is a health and nutrition expert certainly worth following.  Joy likes to share advice on staying fit and healthy while also providing some great recipe ideas for you to start testing out in your home.  Joy provides daily tips to her army of followers (over 200,000) so be sure to give Joy a follow for some great tips on eating right and getting fit this year.  You can follow Joy on @joybauer.

4. Michael Pollan:
Michael is the third American on our list and another author whose work includes Cooked, a book that looks at the roll in which the elements earth, fire, wind and water play in the creation of food.  Michael is extremely popular on Twitter with over 300,000 followers and is regularly sharing his knowledge of plants and plant based foods.  Another who is fond of retweeting mentions from his followers, you can follow Michael on @michaelpollan.

5. Healthy Food Guide:
Next up on our list is the Twitter account for popular UK magazine Healthy Food Guide.  This is a must follow account for great recipes and also developments in the world of healthy living in the UK.  You’ll learn something new every day with the healthy food guide and tweets like the one below will only enhance your knowledge of food and living a healthier lifestyle.  You can follow the healthy food guide on @healthyfoodmag.





6. BBC Good Food:
Now for one of the UK’s most popular food websites and magazines – BBC Good Food.  The Twitter account for BBC Good Food is just as popular as the website and magazine with almost 175,000 followers enjoying regular health advice, healthy eating tips and recipes for you and your family.  This is one account that is certainly worth a follow.  The team behind this Twitter account also regularly hold Q&A’s that are worth getting involved in.  You can follow BBC Good Food on Twitter at @bbcgoodfood.

7. Food Network:
Last on our list is the food network and to give you a double treat, we also recommend following the UK version of the account on Twitter also (@FoodNetwork_UK).  Both these accounts share some fantastic recipes and tips to both eating and living healthier.  You’ll have no shortage of ideas for the kitchen if you follow @FoodNetwork, and for even more healthy eating advice, follow the Food Network Healthy Eats account – @healthyeats.

8. Food Flicker

@Foodflicker is relatively new to the scene but that hasn't stopped it growing to be one of Ireland's most popular hubs for healthy eating recipes. Established by a group of qualified nutritionists and researchers, Food Flicker aim to improve people's understanding of appropriate nutrition through creative photos, exciting videos and informed opinions. With leading Irish sports stars such as @jamieheaslip, @kearney_dave and @SeanOBrien1987 as fans it really is worth checking out if you are on a healthy eating programme or regime. 

So there you have it guys, eight Twitter accounts to get following for some great tips and advice to living better and eating healthier this year. One other account to be sure to get following for regular advice on eating better and living healthier is our very own Linwoods Twitter account where you can also find some great recipes from the Linwoods Twitter family.  You can follow us on @LinwoodsFoods.

You can also use the Twitter hashtag function to see what other Twitter users are talking about when it comes to cooking and eating healthier.  Popular hashtags to search for and use in you tweets include #healthyeating, #cooking and #recipes.