Flaxseed offers many great benefits for your children and is great for both their immune system and the development of healthy bones. 

To help get you started in the kitchen with the wonderful flaxseed, we’ve opened our Linwoods recipe book to look at five great recipes to cook with your kids.  Not only will you enjoy making these recipes, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the great taste of them and also appreciate the knowledge that they are packed with the goodness of flaxseed, something which you should try to take every day.

5 flaxseed recipes to cook with children:

1. Breakfast muffins
First on our list of flaxseed recipes to cook with your kids are the extremely tasty, moreish breakfast muffins.  These muffins will take you about 30 minutes to make and are a great way to get your kids introduced to the world of baking.  Simply make your muffin mix and add some milled flaxseed (or for added flavour add our flaxseed, cocoa and berries mix), before placing your bun tray in the oven.  Get your children involved in the mixing process and let them spoon some of the mix into bun cases.  Once they come out of the oven, they’ll be chomping at the bit to get eating one.  For added goodness, add some berries or grated carrot to your muffin mix.  View our muffin recipe blog to view a step by step guide to creating your breakfast muffins.

2. Flaxseed flapjacks
If you are looking for a fun and easy recipe to make with your children, then look no further than our fantastic flaxseed flapjacks.  This mix can feed between 16 and 18 people so would make a great treat for a kids birthday party or a special occasion.  All you need is butter, honey, sugar, dried fruit, oats and our flaxseed, pumpkin & sunflower seeds and goji berry mix.  Mix all your ingredients together and add to a baking tray before adding to the oven for 25 minutes to bake.  Let them cool before serving and once cool, let your kids enjoy.  Have some fun with your kids in the kitchen by letting them help you create the mix, as shown in our short video below.

3. Pamper me pancakes
One meal that has been a winner at breakfast tables around the country for decades is pancakes.  Pancakes are another great meal to make with your children as they can help you create the mix and also try their hand at making (and flipping) their very own pancake.  Our pamper me pancakes have two differences from most basic pancake mixes.  The first is that it uses no butter and the second is that we add flaxseed.  The addition of flaxseed really comes through in the taste of your pancakes, leaving you wanting more.  You can follow a step by step guide to making flaxseed pancakes by clicking here.

4. Fruit smoothie
Next on our list is a quick and healthy recipe that should take you no more than 10 minutes to prepare and make.  We’re talking about a healthy fruit smoothie.  While it is probably best that you blend the mixture together, it is worthwhile getting your kids involved in the preparation of the fruit and in the serving of your smoothie.  Whatever you mix will depend on your own tastes but berries, bananas, apples and oranges are all popular in smoothies and all staple fruits that kids enjoy.  Check out our super smoothie recipe which includes fruit, milk, yoghurt, oats and our flaxseed, bio cultures and vitamin D mix.  A smoothie is an easy way for your kids to start the day and gets them on their way to five a day.

5. Fruit crumble and ice cream
We thought we would finish our list of flaxseed foods with a tasty dessert that you can make with your kids.  We’re talking about a fruit crumble and ice cream and this is one dessert your kids will really enjoy making, especially as they get to make their very own ice cream.  This recipe takes a lot longer to prepare and you need a lot of ingredients including mixed fruit, sugar, flour, butter and milled flaxseed.  To view the recipe and get trying out your own homemade flaxseed ice cream, visit our recipe page here.

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