It’s hard to believe where the year has gone to, but one deep breath and we’re now sitting in December.  Yes that’s right guys, it’s December and Christmas is right around the corner.  

To help you prepare for the festive season this year we are going to look at 4 ways you can start getting your body into shape in time for Christmas.

1. Start everyday with a healthy breakfast:

Nothing sets you up better for the day than a healthy breakfast.  This is especially during winter months when breakfast can help fuel your body and mind for the day ahead.  There is often a belief that skipping breakfast and not eating anything until later in the day can help you to lose weight.  This isn't the case as a good breakfast gets your metabolism going first thing.  It's recommended that we all eat within 30 minutes of wakening up. 

Skipping breakfast can often lead to people snacking on foods with high sugar during the day to help get a quick energy boost.   Take a hearty, healthy breakfast like porridge, cereal or fruit that will slowly release energy to your body.  This will also reduce the likelihood of you eating more during the course of the day, allowing you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.


2. Consider taking a bigger lunch:

Another way to try improve your diet and get your body (and mind) into a better place in the lead up to Christmas is to take a large lunch.  A large lunch and small dinner means you are fuelling your body during the day and not eating large meals later at night.  This also gives your body more time to burn off the additional calories from your large lunch, something which is needed if you are planning to start training more.  Try to stick to a healthy lunch that can also fill you and look to cut down on any junk food or snacks you take during a lunch break.  Take fruit instead of a chocolate bar and try some nuts instead of crisps.  Our recipes page has some great lunch recipes for you to try this winter including chicken and vegetable tagine or butternut squash soup.


3. Create a training schedule:

There's no better way to get into shape than creating your own training schedule.  Work at a rate that suits your current level of fitness and set yourself some targets.  Start with walking a build up to a light jog and maybe set yourself a target of a 3 mile jog by January.  Training is a great way for your body to burn off the calories it has accumulated during the course of the day. 

Regular training also helps you maintain weight control and has also been associated with putting us in a good mood.  This is why the biggest effort with training can often come with getting motivated to start in the first place.  Create a schedule for yourself so you can start to train regularly in the lead up to Christmas and indeed into the new year.


4. Remember to add some seeds:

Last but by no means least, why don't you add some seeds to your diet this Christmas?  Our range of super healthy seeds including flaxseed, chia seed and pumpkin seeds are a great way to add some nutrition and goodness to your diet.  Sprinkle some seeds on your breakfast or try adding some to your turkey, ham or Christmas pudding this year.  We even have our festive Flax, Chia Seed, Apple & Cinnamon which will give a festive twist to any meal – why not try these protein truffles for a healthy festive treat? Not only will they provide a nice textural experience for your palette, but they will also provide your body with some great benefits including added fibre, protein and omega 3.


So there you have it guys, with Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what you are planning to do to get your body right for the festive season.  Remember the importance of a good breakfast and lunch and also plan your training with a view to building on it in the coming year. 


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