Food is universal and something we all seem to have an opinion of.  We all have a favourite meal or restaurant that carries a certain memory to it.  Some of you may be sweet lovers while others may love a savoury dish.  If there is one thing food can do, it is get us talking.  We love to talk about food and share our experiences with friends and family.  There are a number of food lovers who take this passion for food (something we share dearly) to the next level and regularly write about it through a food blog. 

Food blogs can be a great way of seeking inspiration for your kitchen by sourcing out recipes and video tips to try and replicate on your own.  To help you get on the right path when it comes to looking at food blogs, we’ve created a list of 7 of our favourite food blogs from across the web.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy looking at some of the mouth-watering recipes, videos and reviews that these sites have in store.

7 of our favourite food blogs:

1. Nessa’s Family Kitchen
In this blog, Nessa takes you on a journey through her kitchen and shares some great family recipes and stories from her Irish home.  Nessa’s Family Kitchen has won many blogging awards including the best newcomer blog in the 2011 Irish Blogs Awards.  Be sure to check out her site for some great family recipe ideas.



2. Tinned Tomatoes
Jacqueline Meldrum is the face behind Tinned Tomatoes and has been blogging on the site since 2007.  Tinned Tomatoes provides some wonderful vegetarian recipes for you to try out on a regular basis.  You will find something for everyone on the site and Jacqueline’s carrot and black bean sausages have really intrigued us.  They look great.

(Source: Tinned Tomatoes)


3. Happyolks
Happyolks is the work of American food enthusiasts Kelsey and Shaun and their motto is “recipes and stories for happy folk”.  This certainly rings through in their blog as they share some wonderful recipes with their readers.  Each recipe is a story and you really get to know Kelsey and Shaun through this blog.  Some of their creations will have your mouth watering.



4. Mostly Eating
Sophie Roberts brings you some great healthy and sustainable food recipes through this quirky named Mostly Eating blog.  Sophie is a UK based dietician and uses her knowledge to provide you with some great tips and recipe ideas to get stuck into.



5. Donal Skehan
He may only be 25 years of age, but Donal Skehan is on a culinary adventure that shows no signs of slowing.  Donal is an Irish food blogger, author, photographer and TV presenter who has written 3 cookbooks.  His blog is full of some great recipes and ideas with some great videos to help get you started.



6. Cook Sister
Cook Sister is a food blog from Jeanne Horak-Druiff who is a South African living in London.  Jeanne shares some great recipes and uses her travels as inspiration throughout the blog.  She also talks about her culinary visits around the world with some great stories from places like Paris, Tuscany and Dubai.  Jeanne also regularly reviews restaurants on her travels and if you are looking for a good review of London restaurants, be sure to check out this blog.



7. Belleau Kitchen
The final blog on our list is the wonderfully named Belleau Kitchen.  The blog is written by a man called Dominic who talks about his cooking experiences from his own kitchen in Belleau, Lincolnshire.  Dom shares some wonderful recipes with his readers and really values the use of local produce.  Check out his blog for some great recipes to try out in your own kitchen.  We also really love his sky blue kitchen.  Who wouldn’t want to cook in a kitchen that looked that good.

(Source: Belleau Kitchen)

These are just a snapshot of some of the great food blogs and talented food bloggers on the web today.  Food is discussed and recipes are shared everyday online.  Our advice to you is to visit some of these sites and try cooking something new in your kitchen.  We’re sure you’ll have a really enjoyable time trying out some new recipes.

Which of the blogs on our list is your favourite or what would you add to the list? 

Let us know by visiting our Facebook and Twitter page and sharing your favourite food blogs.  We’re pretty sure the Linwoods blog will be top of your list.