Yes guys, it’s time to start carving out those pumpkins for your home, garden or even office.  To help inspire you this year we’ve been crawling through the Internet to find some original pumpkin carvings.  We’ve really enjoyed looking at some of the great creations that have appeared on the web and we have put together a list of our 10 favourite carvings for you to look at.  We hope you enjoy them.

Our top 10 pumpkin carvings:

1. Frankenstein Pumpkin:
This first pumpkin is courtesy of Ryan Wickstrand from  Frankenstein is another character who is synonymous with Halloween and we think this pumpkin really shows him in his best light.  Check out Ryan’s site for some more great pumpkin ideas.

Frankenstein Pumpkin

2. Elephant Pumpkin:
We just love the attention to detail in this pumpkin.  It really is a work of art and the man behind it, Scott Cummins, really is a master craftsman when it comes to carving pumpkins.  You can check out more of Scott’s work at

Elephant Pumpkin

3. The Wrecking Ball Pumpkin:
She’s certainly a hot topic of conversation at the minute but we never thought we would see Miley Cyrus as a pumpkin let alone sitting on a wrecking ball.  This work of art is the result of a parent whose 8 year old son loves Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ song.  We think this is quite a novel carving and that’s why it makes our list.

Wrecking Ball Pumpkin

4. Magic Castle Pumpkin:
Gene Granata is an award winning carver from and this Magic Castle truly is a masterpiece.  This design really highlights Gene’s skill as a pumpkin carver and he used a wide range of tools to complete this work of art including a dremel rotary tool, precision saws and an air compressor.

Magic Castle Pumpkin
(Source: This Old House)

5. Pumpkin in Tux:
This is one of our personal favourites as it just looks so cute.  Not only does the face make you smile but the great detail on the body and tux really is something.  The creator of this pumpkin even took the time to give them some arms which really add to it.

pumpkin in a tux

6. Pumpkin Luminary:
These pumpkins may not have as much carving as others on our list but the subtle carvings and use of candles create a pumpkin that would look great in a porch or up a garden path.  The illuminating leaves paint the perfect picture of Autumn with colours that really set the scene.

pumpkin luminary

7. Funky Nose Pumpkin:
We came across this creation on and really love the way it goes against the norms for carving a pumpkin.  This pumpkin is literally turned on its head and it is this creativity that really helps make it stand out by creating a real funky nose.

Funky Nose Pumpkin
(Source: This Old House)

8. Free Candy Pumpkin:
We all love to get our hands on some sweets and candy at Halloween but the door can sometimes go non-stop with little trick-or-treaters on October 31st.  Why not use this novel idea to send them to your next door neighbour.  This one made us laugh and that’s just another reason why it is on our list.

free candy pumpkin
(Source: This Old House)

9. Minions Pumpkin:
While this is not necessarily pumpkin carving, we couldn’t create our list without including this little wonder on it.  You could get really creative and put minions throughout your garden this Halloween.  Now that really would get your neighbours talking!!  These minions are the great work of Lucy from  Check out her how to guide for making minion pumpkins here.

Minions Pumpkin

10. Pumpkin on Phone:
The last pumpkin on our list was created by a super-talented Linwoods fan, Carly.  Looking at some of the great pumpkin carving examples out there on the web got us thinking and we really think this is one of the best we’ve seen!   He looks a little angry though at the thought of having to take calls over Halloween.

Pumpkin on the phone

Hopefully these pumpkin carvings will get your creative juices flowing and you can come up with some great creations this Halloween.  Pumpkin carving is a great way to spend some time with your kids but be sure to keep your carved pumpkin to create the perfect pumpkin soup this Halloween.  Add some of our milled organic sunflower and pumpkin seeds for some added texture and flavour, not to mention the great health benefits you can look forward to enjoying.

Let us know which of our top 10 pumpkins are your favourite and share your own pumpkin creations with us by visiting our Facebook page or connecting with Linwoods on Twitter and Pinterest.  Use #LinwoodsPumpkin to share your creations and see what everyone else has created.

Happy carving guys…